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How do I install an oven and can do it myself?

Winter is difficult to endure in certain areas without a heater. Some people still use small systems, but they end up being very expensive and inefficient. For this reason, it may be the best time to install a new stove to heat your home. If you want to know how to install a stove, and if you can do it yourself, you’ve come to the right guide.

The first thing you should know is that installing an oven is not easy. This is a dangerous task because several elements such as gas, electricity and water pipes have to be treated. Therefore, newbies are advised not to try this.

The following article is a reference to make the stove installation practical. However, this does not mean that this is easier. We’ll use a forced air gas oven as a starting point, but other types on the market may have a slightly different installation. Replacing an old oven is almost similar in all cases.

Cost of installing a natural gas stove

Natural gas stove How do you install a stove and can you do it yourself?

In all systems where compressed air is used through ducts, you need an oven that converts energy into heat. The performance of the oven determines the price it will have.

You don’t need a very powerful oven if you live in a relatively warm environment. Therefore, one with a capacity of 35 BT / h is probably sufficient. In colder climates, you may even need an oven at 70 BTU / h per square foot.

It is also important to determine the type of fuel the stove will use. Because of the easy procurement and economical use of the resource, propane gas stoves are the most popular. Just plug it into an external gas outlet and you can have a constant supply.

Furnace2 How do I install a stove and can do it myself?

When the furnace type is selected, it is time to choose the model. As already mentioned, the price changes depending on the stove. Oversized with large capacity are much more expensive. You have to add workers, which is expensive if there are no previous facilities.

These systems, which use hot air to heat the house, require ducts that carry air through the house. Pipelines that draw gas from a main line are also required to heat the furnace. Finally, the stoves need an air outlet to remove the residues that arise when the gas burns, which means another duct.

The estimated average for a 2,000-square-foot house is $ 6,000, with the cheapest options being $ 3,000 and the most expensive $ 8,000.

How to install an oven

install1-1 How do I install a stove and can do it myself?

This list will help you know how the process works and what precautions you need to take to avoid accidents.

The first thing to do is turn off the gas and power supplies. You cannot install or uninstall anything while they are open. It is best to physically separate the cables and wires.

As is common with construction work, you must wear protective equipment for additional safety. These consist of gloves, glasses and clothing that is as thick as possible to avoid accidental cuts with the metal.

Find the right place

Furnace3 How do I install a stove and can do it myself?

A new stove installation needs a perfect place where it can be manipulated. The choice of location depends on the stove to be purchased and the facilities required.

Before buying a stove, check its specifications and compare it with the space available in your house.

If you already know where to place it, you should make certain preparations before installing it. Clean the area free of dust or dirt that could interfere.

In addition, you need to get four or more concrete blocks on which to support the stove to protect it from possible flooding. The blocks should be accompanied by insulating pads that divert the sound of the furnace during operation. If your stove didn’t contain them or you need extras, get them before you start.

How to choose the ideal furnace location

Oven1 How do I install an oven and can do it myself?

In order to properly install your stove, there are certain basic aspects that are necessary for the environment.

Stoves, especially those using propane, should be installed in rooms with adequate air circulation. Despite the existing channels for the removal of the gases, these may not be sufficient. It is therefore recommended to place a window nearby. Rooms like basements can work.

It must be near a wall or ceiling to allow duct ventilation to be installed.

The location of the stove must also be strategic, ie it must be accessible for what it needs, such as: B. Electricity and gas supply. The closer they are, the less additional piping is required.

If you meet the requirements, the last thing you should try, if possible, is that the stove has room for easy maintenance and repair.

The direction of the channels determines that of the furnace

Furnace4 How do I install a stove and can do it myself?

The direction of the furnace is as important as its position. This is determined by the channels and pipes you need.

Many ovens make it easier to find the return channel by simply placing them at the bottom. Since you’ll be lifting it with blocks at least four inches high anyway, it’s handy that this line is here.

Other models simply have a conventional opening on one side that can easily be directed outwards.

If the stove is installed in the basement, no additional considerations are required. However, if you want to know how to install an oven in an attic, you should be ready to apply special insulation measures.

Oven 51 How do I install an oven and can do it myself?

Since the attic is above other rooms, you need to place a tray under the stove to prevent water leaks from entering the floor and damaging it.

It is also possible that the insulating pillows are not sufficient to remove all noises in the attic. It is therefore recommended not to put them on a bedroom.

This process is easier if you are replacing an old stove as it may have the necessary ducts.

Connect the return channels

Piping How do you install a stove and can you do it yourself?

If you already had ducts from a previous installation, these may vary in size. Even if the difference is not that big, you have to make adjustments before connecting the channels.

Remember that the connections must be made so that the pipes have a certain angle of inclination so that the steam always rises. This prevents condensation in the pipes.

Add the gas supply

Gas connection How do you install a stove and can you do it yourself?

A gas oven installation is only complete when the propane gas supply is connected to it. If you previously had a gas oven, you probably have the piping needed to install it. Otherwise, you must hire a specialist to connect the street gas to your home.

When the main system is ready, all you have to do is connect the pipes to the oven and make sure they don’t leak. You should also make sure that there is no carbon monoxide in the room where the stove is located as it is harmful to health.

Both gas leaks and carbon monoxide accumulations can be checked with a gas detector.

It is your turn to make the electrical connections

Electricity How do you install a stove and can you do it yourself?

Never connect electricity before gas, as this can lead to an explosion. Once the gas lines are connected, you can install the thermostat and other electrical components.

If an installation was previously carried out, you do not need any additional knowledge to install an oven. Simply connect the cables to the appropriate place.

If this is your first time installing an oven, or if the wiring is not the same as the one you had before, you should call an electrician to do this task.

Final tests

Final test How do I install an oven and can do it myself?

When everything is connected, it is time to test whether the oven is working. The first step is to open the tube and let the gas flow into the oven for at least 5 minutes. During this time, you should leave the room to avoid possible poisoning.

After the time runs out, enter the room and sniff for gas leaks. If nothing smells strange, you can turn on the stove according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Igniting a gas oven starts with preheating. Here you can check whether the temperatures in the furnace and in the air outlet are sufficient.

Can I install my own stove?

Now that you’ve understood the process superficially, it’s time to ask yourself if you can replace an oven.

In contrast to other systems, a stove is very dangerous due to its electricity and gas connections. The risk is even greater with new installations or furnace changes from one type to another.

For these reasons, a special permit is required, which entitles you to install stoves. Special training is required to obtain this permission. Even if you learn the basics of installing an oven, you cannot legally complete this project. We also do not recommend this if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

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