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Tempered glass – there’s more to it than you think

What do you think when the word tempered glass is tossed around in a discussion? Your brain is probably leading you towards smartphones, protectors and their screens. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Of course, we think of tempered glass as a type used in technical products. Very few people actually know the fact that it was adopted by the tech industry and not invented for it. The actual uses in history have been much broader. The tech industry was only able to use this type of glass relatively recently.

What is tempered glass

This type is also known as “reinforced glass” and takes its name from the thermal annealing process. In the core, glass is placed on a roller table during manufacture. This results in an overheated oven where temperatures go past its transition point. These sheets, heated to approx. 620 ° C, get their properties through thermal annealing.

This tempering process makes the resulting sheets or pieces very durable than many other known glass shapes. It also ends up a lot safer and safer. Because of this strength and durability, it was adopted by the tech industry. Previously, many other uses were possible, which are currently also being extracted from it.

Tempered glass in the automotive industry

This type of security and reinforced glass, which first saw the light of day in the early 1900s, was mass-produced. Its very first use was for gas masks during World War I. Heat tempering quickly became a thing. After proving its durability and more than normal strength, Hardened glass was quickly used as a car windshield. This was actually the first large-scale commercial use.

Modified tempering processes for car windscreens are still used today. It could absorb heat much better and could also be exposed to natural factors. It could also withstand high pressures and even impacts from objects. Even today, the automotive industry is probably the largest user of this perfected type of glass. Many other modifications and regulations made it possible for many other purposes.

Tempered glass – building block of the construction industry

Further developments in manufacturing took place. The tempering process improved to a point where newer types of tempered sheets were introduced. This made it possible to use this type in the construction industry. Glass windows, doors and panels were used more and more. Highest commercial buildings and residential buildings now use this type of sheet metal and pieces perfectly.

The overall strength of the tempered glass panels also made them perfect for security. You can get it today at much cheaper prices than it was a few decades ago. It can be used in any part of the world regardless of the weather conditions. It’s fair to say that tempered glass is an important building block for building contractors and the construction industry today.

Applications in various sports industries

Many of our readers would think about how glass can be used properly in sports! However, it is as true as it gets. Squash courts are usually built from tempered glass panes. The panels are also used in many other sports. Leaves on the top of basketball stands are of this type. Tennis courts also have their billboards made of safety glass.

Ice hockey has the big glass walls that we all know. Usually any sport that is played in an enclosed environment and needs to be exhibited uses these sheets perfectly. All of this is due to the added security and strength combined with the lightweight overall construction of this type of glass. Everyone will be safe around these, even if an impact manages to break them in some way or shape.

Household appliances and bathrooms have toughened glass panels

Much of the glass that we see in our modern homes is also tempered in nature. Bathroom shower doors and enclosures usually use this type very efficiently. Since it is very clear, easy to clean and has no internal discoloration effect, shower screens and doors make extensive use of it. Many other household appliances also use it, which very few people notice.

Your microwaves, for example, have tempered glass panels right outside their doors. Patio furniture has tabletops and other parts made from them. Skylights are usually made from it too. These are objects and things that are present in every household. However, very few people notice the presence of tempered glass in them. The popularity is expected to increase as more products come onto the market in the future.

The tech industry, of course

No one can deny the tech industry’s strong commitment to tempered glass. From laptops to large screen TVs, smartphones to iPads and tablets, many things are a boon with their presence. The tempering process binds the molecules together and creates very light and strong pieces of glass. There are so many uses in the technology industry that it is hard to imagine many technology products without them.

These sheets or pieces are also available at very affordable prices. This also contributes to their general usage and popularity. These devices are located on technical devices and offer excellent protection even when used functionally. Many technical products, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, televisions and many others, have successfully used tempered glass panels.

What makes it so popular?

Tempered glass panels are available in all parts of the world. Online Glass Order websites now also offer good quality. Its generic properties have helped it gain a lot of popularity. Some of them are:

  • Security and Protection – In contrast to conventional glass forms, hardened sheets do not break into smaller, sharp shards. Most of the parts remain intact, which reduces health hazards.
  • Light leaves – In contrast to laminated glass panes, which offer an even longer service life, thermally hardened panes are very light and can therefore be used for many purposes.
  • Available in different colors – Tinting tempered glass is now one thing. Tinted leaves come in many different colors and shades, which adds to their overall aesthetic.
  • Durability and strength – Reinforced sheets of this hardened type are of course very durable. These withstand extreme temperatures and pressure and are also very shock-resistant.
  • Cheap and immediately available availability – It is also easily available in the market. The total prices are relatively cheaper than many other types of glass, provided you get them from a quality supplier.