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How breathtaking floors look in a room

Most of the time, people spend time decorating the walls of their interiors, since wall decorations are usually at eye level. Still, both your ceiling and your floors can make a statement in terms of your interior design. If you focus on what you see when you look down, here are some reasons why impressive floors look like in a room.

Exquisite wooden floors

Hardwood can be described as the most common type of flooring. However, the effect of a wooden floor is not the same in every room. A color tone that corresponds to the wall color leads to a coherent theme in the room. This is perfect if you prefer a rustic or rural feel. On the contrary, dark Wooden floor which, in contrast to light walls, convey a modern feeling. Nevertheless, you can play around with different shades of wood flooring to match your furniture or to achieve a certain look that you imagined.

A laminate floor can be a good alternative to a wooden floor because it can create the same attractiveness as a wooden floor at a lower cost. The disadvantage, however, is that a laminate floor is usually more prone to damage. Apart from that, the damage to a laminate floor is difficult to repair, making a full replacement easier.

Another alternative that gives the same feeling as wooden floors is bamboo floors. Bamboo floors are durable and waterproof, besides being environmentally friendly. The special thing about using bamboo floors is that your room can definitely look elegant and modern.

Polished concrete floors

Concrete floors give a room a modern feel, but your concrete floors will look more noticeable when polished to perfection. During several Types of concrete floors are usually designed for luxury homes, polished concrete floors prove to be the most cost-effective to beautify large areas of space. There are a variety of surfaces for concrete floors as well as different degrees of reflection. In most cases, polished concrete floors have a reflectivity of three, indicating that reflections are highly visible. A higher reflectivity leads to a mirror-smooth finish, which gives the illusion of a more spacious interior.

Beautiful carpets

Carpeting is another type of flooring that is common in most households. While carpeting can be very cozy and convenient to walk on, it can be difficult to maintain in terms of cleaning and hygiene. As such, carpeting is often not recommended for your dining room or kitchen, where spills and crumbs are inevitable. However, carpeting can be good for bedrooms and home offices, as well as living rooms, as carpets tend to create a soft and soothing atmosphere in a room. A light-colored or neutral-colored carpet makes decorating the interior more effortless as it can be combined with a wide variety of furniture.

Elegant tiles

A tiled floor is a very popular option for bathrooms, kitchens, and in some cases even dining rooms. The reason for this is that tiles are waterproof and spilled material is easier to clean than carpets. The best thing about using tiles as a flooring is that they come in a variety of styles and designs. You can even choose a design that looks very similar to wood if the other rooms in your house are designed for consistency with wooden floors. There is also the option to use printed tiles that reflect your personality and test your artistic skills. An elegantly tiled floor can be the focus of a spacious kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl is a great alternative to tiles as it generally looks the same. As with tiles, vinyl has a range of designs and prints, and vinyl is also easy to install. Even if vinyl is typically made of a thinner material, it has the same water resistance as tile.

Nice cork floor

While using a cork is not a common flooring option, this is a great way to make your floor the center of your room. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s also cozy and insulating, providing the warmth and comfort you need for your room. A cork floor also creates an earthly atmosphere and at the same time conveys a modern feeling. It looks fantastic with furniture in neutral colors and walls in light tones. The special thing about a cork floor is that it is mold-resistant. One disadvantage of a cork floor, however, is that it can be easily dented, especially with heavy furniture.

Artistic floors

Then, if you decide to make your floors the center of your room, be it the living room, dining room, kitchen, or any other room in your house, you may want to move onto artistic floors. These are available either in dramatic geometric patterns or in floors with vibrant pops of color. However, you may need to adapt to the design and purchase furniture that will accentuate your floor rather than the other way around. In the bathroom, you may even have to keep the fittings simple and minimal. Artistic floors usually have an eclectic range of different shades to choose from. Some may be available in vinyl, others may be printed tile. Other artistic floors are even available in 3D prints or painted murals. Regardless of the specific design you have in mind, artistic floors will definitely make your guests rave with awe.

Chairs-2181947_960_720 How breathtaking floors look in a room

It is best to remember that clean floors are fabulous floors. It’s also worth noting that what you see when you look down can have a huge impact on your interior design. Perhaps it’s time to give your floors some love and attention by making them more spectacular and eye-catching.