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The specialties of the Poliform contemporary sofas

The collection by is for people who are only looking for the best sofas for their living space Poliform contemporary sofas certainly has what it takes to meet expectations.

What does a sofa do best? Is it the overall design, the quality of the materials or the functionality? The best contemporary sofa probably has to satisfy everyone. They have to be elegant and trendy, offer a variety of compositional or typological options and, above all, be very comfortable for multifunctional use.

There are many sofa manufacturers that offer their designs, but some are better than the others. The wonderful collection of Poliform contemporary sofas certainly meets all criteria and is therefore at the top of the list. Find out what makes it so special here.

Made by renowned designers

2 The specialties of the Poliform contemporary sofas

A number of sofas made by a woodworker may be very comfortable and durable, but they are not a designer sofa. In fact, you can just copy and re-create a design, but they’re not the same either. After all, the best furniture designers are in a different league, offer an uncompromising taste and combine them with their incredible know-how to create each of their unique sofas.

Hence the biggest advantage of Poliform contemporary sofas is that they were all designed by a renowned sofa designer. With a list that includes well-known names such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Carlo Colombo, Giuseppe Viganò, Paolo Piva and Paola Navone; You can’t really go wrong with any of their designs.

A wide range of designs

Regardless of whether it is a geometric sofa or a contemporary modular design. Poliform can offer everything. They have several different sectional sofas, fixed sofas, geometric sofas, sofas with divans in different shapes, etc. So it is not very difficult to find a sofa that exactly suits your needs. If not, you can use the modular designs at any time and make them as close as possible to your individual layout preferences.

Its main designer, Jean-Marie Massaud, has designed four different models, ranging from soft shapes, double pillows, linear shapes to balanced elegance, etc. The modular sofas were designed by Carlo Colombo.

High quality materials and multifunctional use

Poliform contemporary sofas Use a variety of materials, including wood, wood by-products, aluminum frames, etc. Despite the different materials in different designs, one thing is common: the highest quality standard. The upholstery is made of polyurethane foam to ensure maximum comfort, while the cushions are made of materials such as cotton and feathers. The use of leather, polyester and cotton for the covers also reduces the need for frequent dusting.

With divans, which are available in different shapes to suit your personal taste, the different models of the sofas are also ideal for multifunctional applications. There are also various models with a flexible backrest, strong horizontal support and exceptionally wide sofas.