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Stunning interior decorating ideas that will take your living room to another level

The living room is the place in the house where the whole family can hang out together. Everyone may close themselves to their own bedroom most of the time, but the living room is the family room. That is why it is very important that it look as stunning as a family room should. All family members should feel comfortable and happy in this room. Whether you have a large or a small living room, these ideas will help you turn it into something really wonderful.

1. Backup

Choosing just one style for your living room is no longer possible. Now it’s a matter of experimenting and using different styles and textures to bring out the full beauty of the room. Merging different styles together gives you a space that others would die for. You can be sure that no other living room has the same design and appearance as your living room.

You can see famous fusion styles like that industrial design for inspiration or you can start small. Mixing different textures can also create the unique look you’re looking for, but it’s not as much of a challenge to prevail as some other fusion craze. Once you feel more confident, you can of course improve your fusion game.

2. Surround sound all the way

Every family should aim for family movie nights in the living room. Of course, to really make it a movie night you need to work towards creating an appropriate atmosphere. A home theater is nothing without a surround system that brings the film to life. If you have a large living room, this is an even better opportunity to take advantage of the existing acoustics.

There is a speaker in every corner of the room which adds to the remarkable sound every time you play a movie. No family home evening will be normal anymore as you can enjoy the biggest hits on Netflix on a whole new level.

3. Pillow gone

Comfort is always the first thing to think about when thinking about your living room. If there is no comfort, what is the use of spending time there? Even if you have comfortable furniture, the place might still seem pretty empty. The couch looks nice, as does the armchairs, but doesn’t it feel like something is missing? Adding pillows increases the comfort factor and gives your living room an even more interesting look.

When your seating area is all the same color, you can use the pillows to spice things up. They shouldn’t be the same color as the rest of the furniture. Aside from just picking a different color, you can choose fancy patterns and let your creative side shine through your pillows.

4. Add some curtains

The curtains that you have in the living room are not just decorations that you will never really pay attention to. You have the power to create or destroy the atmosphere and environment you want to create. It’s not even just about the color of the curtains you choose. It’s also about the type. Choosing plain old blinds doesn’t add to the interior design at all and can even make things look dull.

One idea to spice up the design is to opt for pinch pleated curtains. They are elegant, long and have a certain personality. You can choose between different patterns and designs to easily integrate them into your living room. Whether it’s a small or large room, this universally beautiful decor brings it to life.

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Small living rooms never seem to have enough light and often feel claustrophobic. There are tons of ideas to come up with, but whatever you do, the living room seems to stay as dark and claustrophobic as it used to be. You can easily fix this by adding a mirror. Not only is this an elegant and useful addition to the room, but it also has the power to open it up completely.

The mirror should point to every window in the room as it reflects light and makes the place appear brighter. You can also put it against a wall to create the visual illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Such a simple addition transforms the area into something comfortable, elegant and magical on the border.


The idea behind a good living room design is that the place is not crowded, but still fits everyone’s favorite things. From comfortable furniture to a surround sound system, your family can enjoy a good time in ways they have only dreamed of. By updating your living room design, you will strengthen the relationships between you and grow closer together. A family that spends time together stays together.

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