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What is the best vacuum for Intex pools?

We congratulate you on the purchase of the Intex pool! Now that you have Intex, you can swim on the hottest day. However, if you want your enjoyment and enjoyment to last as long as possible, you need to take care of regular maintenance of the pool and, above all, cleaning it.

Nowadays there are many different vacuum cleaners specially designed for pools and maintaining the safety of water and containers. The brand itself produces devices that know How to clean an Intex pool. Vacs from other manufacturers can also do the job quite well. Let’s take a look at the top three vacuum cleaners and brands for Intex pools.

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauley EZ Above-ground pool cleaner for suction

The Pentair The company has manufactured a wide range of well-known pool equipment such as swimming pools, pumps, filters and excellent pool vacuum cleaners. The K50600 has some nice features that make it suitable for various pool brands, including Intex.

First, the model is very different from other vacuum cleaners due to its fascinating appearance. Here we see classic features and functions that are expressed by a unique shape. The circular membrane of the cleaner and its wave pattern ensure high suction power, thorough dirt accumulation and no blockages. It uses the hydraulic suction mechanism. The entire structure of the vacuum is geared towards flat surfaces so that it works with the pool floor and wide steps.

The item weighs about 14 pounds, is fairly compact, and has 32 feet of tubing. An average person can easily cope with immersion and lifting, while a long tube allows them to move freely on the bottom of small and large pools. The wheel-free design prevents jamming and requires no additional service.

This Pentair works via the pool’s pump and filter system and can be used in above-ground as well as underground reservoirs. It requires no less than 2000 GPH. The cleaner uses random movements. In this way, every piece of the floor is completely covered, but it takes a lot of time. Another disadvantage of the model is its noisy work.

Pentair K50600 works automatically and can regulate the water flow automatically using a skimming valve, depending on the degree of contamination and the time required for removal.

This light blue, fun vacuum cleaner does a great job and is suitable for almost any type of pool. It has some shortcomings and is characterized by simple construction, minimal maintenance and high productivity.

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001

One of the best ways to choose a vacuum cleaner for the Intex pool is to choose from Intex’s own models. The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001 is an excellent assistant for all inflatable and above-ground pools of medium size. Note that Intex 28001 is not suitable for underground pools or pools with a diameter of more than 24 feet.

The model is powered by the pool’s filter pump with a flow rate of at least 1600 GPH and up to 4000 GPH. And its optimal operation is at 2500 GPH. The user should connect the vacuum cleaner to the pump using a 24 foot hose and then immerse it in the pool.

The cleaner mainly processes the bottom of the reservoir. It picks up the dirt and sends dirt into the filter. Like the previous Pentair model, the Intex 28001 randomly moves in straight lines and changes direction when it hits the wall. A plastic body of this Intex is very durable and can withstand many bumps and breaks. However, please note that this device has a system with four non-driven wheels. It means they are moving on the flat floor, but the chances of getting stuck are high enough.

Speaking of looks, we should note that its white body measures 18.5 x 13 x 10.2 inches. The item weighs 15.34 pounds. We cannot say that it is very light, but it is also not too heavy for frequent immersion and lifting.

By random movement and force, the vacuum can process the entire surface and collect about 80% of the dirt after the first pass. However, since cleaning takes some time and the device can pass through the same area several times, you will get almost perfect results in the end.

The disadvantages of the model are lengthy cleaning and non-driven wheels. However, the highlighted benefits such as high performance, durability, quiet working, price under $ 100, etc. outweigh all.

Hayward Wanda 900 pool vacuum cleaner

An extremely pretty, yet functional pool vacuum cleaner from Hayward makes you smile at first glance. The thing is that the company decided to give it a unique design. Depending on the model, your pool can either be a funny blue whale or a small red ladybug.

Nevertheless, the design is not the only distinguishing feature of the vacuum. This device is connected to the filter system of an above-ground or ground-based pool, escapes into the water and processes the soil. It has a fairly long 32 foot hose and to a certain extent not only cleans the reservoir but also promotes water circulation. With this vacuum, you get two devices with minimal energy consumption.

The Hayward needs 1500 GPH. It is not limited in movements and does random soil processing. The water flow from the turbine / gear system serves as a type of movement and helps to minimize noise. After facing the wall, it gently pushes off and changes direction. Still, it can’t work with soft and uneven surfaces because its traction system can cause it to get stuck. There are also no steps or other recesses cleaned, so you sometimes have to clean these hard-to-reach areas yourself.

In terms of dimensions, the vacuum is heavy and massive. It measures 35 x 13.5 x 12.8 inches and weighs 18 pounds. So be ready to make some effort to pull it in and out. On the other hand, the construction is bulky, but easy to install and maintain.

As you can see, there are many other factors to consider in addition to price before buying. Nevertheless, these cleaners have a simple design and excellent efficiency and are suitable for most above-ground Intex pools. Hope our top was useful. For more information on pool vacuums, see our other reviews.