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Live the life of luxury: how do I create a glamorous living room?

Are you looking for ways to make your living room more glamorous? Whether you have a blank chalkboard to work with or you want to redesign your existing space, there are a number of different ways to add glamor to your living room.

For some, glamor is synonymous with sparkling, shiny and extra. For others, glamor is simple, elegant, and sophisticated. You can create your own vision of what glamor means for you and translate these ideas into your living space.

Read on to discover the best ideas for a glamorous living room that will make your home look elegant and luxurious.

Metal elements

Metals are synonymous with luxury, especially shiny metals like chrome, silver, gold, copper or stainless steel. You can go for a guy or you mix them together properly for a glamorous living room feeling.

You can incorporate metals into picture frames, lighting fixtures, decorations, fabrics, and even furniture. To soften the room, add some transparent elements made of glass or acrylic and keep the walls in neutral tones.

Big mirrors

Mirrors add depth and dimension to every room. The bigger they are, the more luxurious they feel. The glamorous living room ideas include gold-plated full-length mirrors or mirrors with chrome frames.

They also make the room look brighter and bigger by reflecting the natural light from the windows and all sparkling, shiny surfaces. Wall mirrors are another great alternative when you want to accentuate a blank wall or add a touch of luxury to a wall between two windows.

Luxurious fabrics

The fabrics you choose for your sofas, curtains, pillows and carpets can add to the elegance and glamor of the living room.

For sofas, choose velvet, damask, or cotton with a high thread count. Metallic fabrics, silk, satin or faux fur are best for pillows and throws. Carpets can be artificial sheepskin, artificial merino or natural fibers.

Crystal chandelier

One of the most famous elements of glamorous living room is a crystal chandelier. This beautiful lamp illuminates the room and gives it a royal, elegant feeling.

Crystal chandeliers are often the focal point of a room. So choose them carefully. You should complement the rest of the decor without being sticky or intrusive. If the space is not large enough for a large chandelier, install wall or floor lamps in metal or gold look.

Carefully selected home decor

If you want a glamorous look, choose your home accessories on display carefully. If you travel often, choose the fanciest souvenirs you got on your travels. For example from yours Florida cruises south of the borderDisplay a luxury item you bought on board.

Original works of art, unique flower vases, crystal decanters, candle holders and glamorous table lamps give the room personality and style.

Use these tips to create a glamorous living room

If you love elegance and live a life of luxury and glamor, your home should reflect this side of your personality. Follow these tips to create a glamorous living room that inspires you to live your best life every day!

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