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6 things to look for in a real estate recruiter

There are several factors that affect a real estate agent’s success. One of these is the hiring of qualified, competent employees such as real estate agents and mortgage processors.

However, not all brokers may have the time or the right people to search for these qualified candidates. That’s where Real estate agent Come in. Your work is specifically designed to attract real estate professionals so you can focus on other facets of your business. Then how do you find the best real estate agents to make sure you have a talented team? Here are just a few features to consider:

Knowledge of the branch

Many recruitment companies work for different types and sizes of companies. This simply means that not all recruiters have the specialization required to attract truly qualified real estate professionals. It does not matter how many candidates the recruiters send you if they are not fully qualified for the job. In short, you need to find a recruitment agency whose people are familiar with the real estate industry. In this way, they know what it takes to be successful on site and can thus filter applicants more effectively.

First class interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are a must for any real estate agent (or real estate professional). Indeed, proper and successful recruitment depends on building and maintaining relationships. Real estate agents should therefore be good communicators. You should be particularly good listeners. That way, not only can they spot potential superstars, they can also identify what you, as a broker, need to do to keep people staying.

Real estate agents should also be able to influence people. This influence is based on trust, which positions the recruiter as a partner or confidant rather than just as a means to find a job. With credible real estate agents, it’s also easier to convey the corporate culture to potential applicants.

Knowledge of data

Real estate agents who are worth their money can include data in their recruiting strategies. They use the numbers and information to build a healthy pool of candidates. In addition, qualified real estate agents also share their findings with brokers so that you can make better hiring decisions. With a real estate agent who is familiar with data, you are better able to find the so-called “purple squirrel” that meets all the criteria.

Critical thinking

Instinct is a powerful recruitment tool. Sometimes it’s the only thing that distinguishes a good recruiter from a great one. However, it is also true that real estate agents cannot always rely on their instincts. As already mentioned, they must be able to process and analyze data. You should always think critically, especially when determining whether a candidate really suits you or not. In addition, real estate agents should be free from prejudice. At the very least, they should be aware of such prejudices and make active efforts to avoid making decisions based on them.


Nowadays, the variety of tools available to recruiters makes it easier to find great talent. However, their diversity and availability also make the task more difficult, since practically everyone uses these tools. It is therefore important for real estate agents to have this creativity when it comes to the advertising and marketing aspects of the job. You need to be smarter using different platforms, especially social media and online job boards. This is because these platforms can be filled with clutter, most of which are unrelated or clash with recruiting posts. Ask recruiters if they know how to run multi-channel and hyper-targeted ads. You may also want to request some examples of their content, such as: B. Videos, social media posts and even recruitment lists. This can help you judge whether or not you have enough creativity in your materials.


Real estate and recruitment are a very personal industry. You interact with a multitude of people every day, which means that you are bombarded by emotions. As such, you need real estate agents with empathy. After all, they represent your company in front of hundreds or even thousands of applicants. You want a recruitment agency that can improve your image. It goes without saying that you are looking for talented real estate professionals to grow your brokerage business and earn more. What you need is a recruiter who can involve candidates with respect, integrity and empathy. You may be dealing with properties worth thousands or even millions of dollars, but this is no reason to forget the humanity of recruiting.

In the end, it’s still up to you whether you hire a candidate or not. However, this decision will be much easier to make if you work with talented real estate agents. Think of these qualifications so you know what to look for in a real estate agent.