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Top tips for adding lighting to your home

Lighting plays an important role in the happiness and comfort that you feel at home Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that the intensity – or dullness – of light has a strong influence on our moods and emotions. It turns out that the sunnier the day is, the more likely we are to be optimistic about aspects such as wellness, finance and general positivity.

At the same time, polls show that Americans spend most of their time indoors – up to 93% of their lives. If you find that some areas of your home are missing the light and life that only the sun can bring, you should consider these architectural or design changes, some of which are affordable and quick to take effect.

Tear down the walls

The old-style houses have solid concrete or wood walls between the rooms and value privacy, connection and light. If you have a wall between your living room and the main hall and the main source of light is coming in through the living room, it’s a nice way to tear down the wall and replace it with steel frame glazing or floor to ceiling sliding doors Let in light.

The preference for natural light can be seen in many current home design trends. Like Mangum buildersOpen kitchens banish the darkness from one of the most important meeting places of the family and connect living spaces in the spirit, but also through the lighting they receive.

Open your roof

A well-lit home needs to have more than one entry point for the sun. Indeed, if you’re facing a major renovation, creating a glass top in your roof will make a dramatic difference. You can opt for a narrow loft style tip and fill one or both sides with glass, or you can opt for a wider tip with a flatter top so that light comes in from the center of the tip as well.

Walking on water

If you don’t feel vertigo, changing the floor is a modern solution to increasing the light in public spaces. For example, if you have a two or three story house, why not? build a glass path (or actually a whole floor) in thick glass? This allows the sun’s rays to reach different floors at the same time. If you prefer an opaque look, just leave a wide central pane of glass or fit multiple squares of glass into a more typical wood or stone floor.

Nouvelle Flooring Design

One of the cutest flooring ideas that greatly changes the amount of light on the lower floors is the round glass floor. This is essentially a perforated floor, which is decorated with a series of glass balls that are located at the level of the rest of the floor. Light therefore penetrates over a hundred spheres and creates a beautiful pattern on the floors below.

A well-lit home is critical to the comfort and style of your home. When you are ready for a renovation, analyze which rooms could use more light and put on your think tank for new solutions. From the spherical floor to the brand new Apex roof, it’s well worth the work and effort. Home residents will enjoy a brighter, more positive mood, but your home will also be far more interesting to buyers of yours who one day want to sell it.