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Tips to find the right door style for your custom cabinets

Every homeowner wants the perfect ambience for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional living space. One way to achieve this goal is to use the correct door style for your custom cabinets. Whether you are looking for something simple or basic, classic, elegant or extravagant, you will find the best door style that suits your taste.

Check out these important tips to make sure you are making the right choices when it comes to cabinet door selection.

Execute Simplicity: Choose a custom shaker-style kitchen cabinet door

In the 19th century, the Shaker religious community originally built Shaker-style cabinets based on the principles of usefulness, simplicity, and honesty. Because of this, these principles are based on the Shaker’s handcrafted wooden furniture made by Closets, Fort Collins, Clevelandand dressers to tables, famous chairs with ladder backs and beds. The Shaker door style is usually available in natural wood finishes such as maple, oak, or cherry.

Here are some great reasons why the shaker style cabinet door is perfect for your custom kitchen cabinets:

  • Shaker cabinet doors are popular in traditional to modern design circles. A Shaker door style has a panel and frame profile. Return to timelessness and simplicity with custom shaker style kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Modern kitchen designers appreciate cabinet doors in the shaker style for their clean and clear appearance. You can add cabinet hardware or leave simple doors.
  • Finished wooden furniture gives warmth and timeless appearance to modern kitchens.
  • Shaker cabinets look attractive when painted gray, dark blue, black, white, and more. You can consider shaker cabinet doors made of walnut or ash if you prefer nice dark wood grain with a modern look.
  • In transition designs, Shaker-style cabinet doors can help create the best “transition” between conventional and modern kitchen elements. Contemporary shaker cabinets can be made with a beveled edge for additional jewelry.
  • Shaker style cabinet doors can be inexpensive. Instead of solid wood cabinets, you can also equip your kitchen cabinets with laminate doors. Choose from a variety of laminate door finishes that look like natural wood to save thousands of dollars.

Stay classic: choose a cathedral-style kitchen cabinet door

If you want a classic kitchen theme, consider installing a cathedral-style cabinet door. You can choose either natural wood or MDF revised in Thermofoil with a single arch on top.

Here are the details of cathedral-style kitchen cabinet doors:

  • One of the most popular types of kitchen cabinet doors is the rounded “cathedral”.
  • If your cabinet door is wrapped in thermal foil, you don’t have to paint the surface.
  • Cathedral style kitchen cabinet doors are typically used in budget home remodeling and rental homes.

Showcase: Choose a post kitchen cabinet door

Cabinet doors in post style allow clear or structured glass to be placed on the back, similar to the other cabinet doors with glass inserts and additional bars. The added spars serve as additional support and protection against glass breakage.

This type of kitchen cabinet door goes perfectly with traditional style kitchens. It is a suitable kitchen cabinet door style that you can use to showcase your expensive and rare tableware and kitchenware collections. It’s a great style for your next remodeling project. Check This video for more details.

Double Traditional: Choose Double Arch Style Kitchen Cabinet Door

Kitchen cabinet doors in double arch style are available in simple solid wood with two arches above and below. You can choose between natural wood or thermal film. The grooves are deep with an attractive profile that gives custom cabinet doors a distinctive shadow effect. The price is pretty much the same as single arch doors.

Country feeling: choose a beadboard-style closet door with a shaker frame

In the past, before drywall, plaster, and paint became common, beadboard was used as a decorative wall treatment. Kitchen cabinet doors with wooden inserts in beadboard style are available in natural wood or MDF and can be painted.

Here are the great reasons to consider beadboard style cabinet doors:

  • A beadboard style closet includes the chic cottage style.
  • The center panel on this type of cabinet door looks like a traditional beadboard panel.
  • All white kitchen cabinets made of beadboard ensure a clean and bright feeling.
  • This type of cabinet door gives your kitchen a rural or rustic flair. It fits perfectly with kitchens with country-style sinks.


You can choose between different cabinet door styles depending on the look you want to achieve for your kitchen or any living space. Choose a shaker style if you want a simple or easy kitchen theme. For a classic look, cathedral-style cabinet doors are the best. Post style cabinet doors exude elegance and pride, while double arch style kitchen cabinet doors have an attractive and elegant profile.