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How to create asian style bathrooms in your home

Asian style bathrooms depend on wall art and addition of some pieces of furniture in the environment by the likes of little decorative items, curtains, rugs etc. Exploiting the little spaces in the bathrooms need great skill and right understanding of decorating small spaces. You may choose some items that create huge effects and the environment shrinks in size because of them. This should be avoided. There are many other factors to keep in focus and here a few of them.

What is best for Your Asian Style Bathrooms Décor

The humidity level in the bathrooms is higher than any other place at home. The wet air inside affects each and every item. If your decoration items are made of natural wood, paper or any other material that gets spoiled from the water vapor in the air, you better not put them in the bathroom. They can adorn your other parts of home perfectly well. Stone or ceramic statues or vases, plastic flowers, etc are the best choice for the bathrooms. You can wash them; clean them with light detergent if some hard-to-remove dirt settles on them.  Natural decorative plants are also good for your bathroom.

Using Light to Accentuate

Do you want to increase the influence of décor ideas? Keep your main décor items in Asian style bathrooms under the direct illumination of lights. This diverts the attention of bathroom visitors instantly. If you have a garden stool in your bath room, keep it in a prominent corner to place the towel on. Often using a ceramic stool under the shower makes your bathing experience better.

Bamboo and Branches

Chinese bamboos are famous all around the world and making some decor in the bathroom with bamboos is ideal. So are the dry bare branches that stand in a corner and are illuminated by some partial lights. You can have small pots of plants on the bathroom counters also. The multi-color flower plants in elegant pots add to the décor of Asian style bathrooms. If you can get a pair of vases that look great without flowers or plants, set them side by side at any prominent high platform. They alone can be a good source of décor.


Mirrors are an essential part of Asian style bathrooms. Choose small and big mirrors and if you can find beautifully framed mirrors that would be better. On the walls where you have big space hang the big mirrors and accentuate its both sides with any decor item that you have or that suits the space and bathroom environment. Mirrors reflecting bathroom walls and other decorative items create feelings of spacious environment. For the small bathrooms this style of décor proves to be the best and most practical.