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7 creative ideas for indoor office signs

When it comes to business signs, many business owners mainly focus on outdoor signs. This seems logical at first because they have to sit outside and tell as many people as possible that the business exists. But what if some of those random people from the street decide to visit your office? What do you see first when you enter your office, shop or building? Will you know where you are?

The signs for the interior office pay off here. Your company must be a complete package inside and out. What you advertise outdoors must match the space where your clients or clients are welcome. Therefore, your office interior must be properly branded and you can use different types of signs to achieve this. Remember, you are doing this not only because of your customers, but also because of your employees. In this way you build a sense of community and belonging. So let’s examine some of the indoor sign options.

Large lobby signs

It is a must-have. A lobby sign is the first thing anyone should see after opening the door. A large lobby sign with a logo, motto, or corporate mission is the best way to welcome people inside. In a way, it shows that you are professional and serious and that people want to see that. Especially when they come to spend their money. Custom backlit lobby signs are always aesthetically pleasing and complement every room so well. Typically, companies opt for simple 3D lettering that is very effective and can be made from a variety of materials, from plastic and metal to wood.


A labyrinth of corridors and offices is not required to use signposts. Sometimes, even though your office is just around the corner, a simple sign pointing in the right direction can be very helpful. When people find themselves in a new and unfamiliar space, their sense of direction is not the strongest. Therefore, it is always better to use small directories that also match your brand and visual identity.

Digital signature

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Digitization is the latest trend. Since everything is digital nowadays, why not have digital signs that can be easily modified and exchange different information? You can also change it along with the seasons, holidays, company anniversaries, etc. For the most part, companies use large LCD screens and LED technology for this purpose. You can view everything from the logo to pictures from the last team building to videos, tips, goals and options. So if you’re open to new ideas and innovations, this can be a great thing for your company.

type signs

Some people avoid using them, others prefer them and in some ways it’s always better to have them. It would be easier for a customer to find the office and the person they are looking for if the name is on a sign next to the door. You can also be creative and use different materials and colors to match your logo and branding style for a cohesive look.

Your company’s timeline

Signs do not necessarily have to focus on this brief information. They can illustrate the entire history of your company. And this is a great solution if you have a lounge seating area where your customers are waiting. It brings them closer to your company and shows the highlights of your long and successful career. It helps them trust you a little more. Make sure you are using high quality imagery and let professional designers do the rest of the work.

Vinyl graphics

This type of sticker or wallpaper is also popular because it is cheap, looks great, and can be changed frequently. You can decorate the entire wall with repeating logos or inspirational quotes or anything related to your business. You can only emphasize one wall or cover several of them with vinyl graphics.

Show awards and plaques

A traditional way of decorating the office interior is to present all of your awards and framed plaques. For example, if you are a dentist and take part in many conferences, courses, training courses, etc., you are continuously working to improve your skills. And it’s a nice way to show where you were and what you did. Your customers will quickly find that they are working with a professional they can trust. There is no better sign or commercial than your own success because it speaks instead of you.

Why is it important to have indoor office signs?

As we’ve seen, an office sign doesn’t literally have to be a sign in its traditional shape and form. An award can also be a symbol. A sign that you are doing your job damn well. But overall, everything counts. From signposts to lobby signs to plaques on your wall. All of this creates a clear and well-connected picture of your company. This is the only way to gain trust and respect from your customers. If you want to be inspired, you can visit them International Sign Association Trade fair to find out about the latest trends.

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