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How to redesign a fireplace to look fantastic

Refinishing a fireplace requires much more than just regular cleaning. You can repaint the walls, replace all the furniture, and do all kinds of maintenance in your living room, but your fireplace stays the same as it did at the beginning. And that can be a thorn in your side in your newly painted and renovated living room. In this article we will look at how to renew a fireplace.

Most of the time, it doesn’t have to take up your entire schedule just to redesign the fireplace. In some cases, it requires a fairly extensive change and a lot of work. In other cases, you may need to invest little time in a simple repaint or minor renovation.

However, if you invest more in a serious renovation, you can even create an entire project that can take a long time. The scope of the revision is up to you. In any case, there are still some good ideas to try out with your fireplace, no matter how much time and resources you want to invest. Here are some of the best tips and tricks on how to renew a fireplace.

Some of these tips include visual improvements and other minor improvements. In some cases, a complete redesign is required. The fireplace can now become more attractive right away, and you can even achieve some resale value over time.

How to redesign a fireplace to look fantastic

Concrete mix / stucco mix

Potrero-Hill-by-Jute-Interior-Design How to redesign a fireplace to look fantastic
Image source: Jute interior design

Both products are supplied in dry form and can be used at any time. Just mix them and decorate your fireplace. There are a variety of end products with these two blends; You can opt for a smoother finish to your fireplace or use different textures. Almost everything works.


New-Canaan-Shingle-Style-by-Michael-Smith-Architects How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Michael Smith Architects

Stone slabs are perfect for renovating brick chimneys. You can simply place the stone slabs over the existing brick fireplace, which means that you can transform your fireplace from an old, dusty brick fitting into an attractive and modern looking fireplace almost immediately. You can also choose colors from the many different types of stone. Adding a new dimension to your existing fireplace has never been easier.

Add stones

Modern-Farmhouse-by-Luxurious-Living-by-Lage-Construction How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Luxurious living by Lage Construction

If you’re more of a traditional person, you simply can’t go wrong with bricks. If you want to add some warmth and style to your modern living room, laying a brick fireplace is the perfect choice. There are also all kinds of textures and brick shapes to choose from for a much better and more stylish look.

Wall veneers

Projects with Büchel-Stein-von-Büchel-Stein-Corp How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Buechel Stone Corp.

What are wall veneers? These are designed to look like real stones, but they really are a lighter version of stones. They are more like a thin layer of brick and stone; Although they are more artificial than real bricks or stones, they look almost identical. At a glance, nobody could tell the difference between the two. Wall veneers are a good and easy choice if you want to redecorate your fireplace.


European-Styling-by-JAQUE How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: JAQUE

Although we don’t normally consider wood as a material for fireplaces, it can definitely be used to give it a more rustic feel. The great thing about wood is that the choice of colors and styles is almost unlimited. You can also give the wood a more personal touch at any time by styling and decorating it yourself.


Steel-Modern-Fireplace-by-California-Home-and-Design How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: California Home + Design

Steel is a perfect, sturdy choice that gives your fireplace a more modern and industrial feel. Steel is indestructible and therefore perfect for fireplaces. Longevity is guaranteed and definitely a choice for those looking for a more robust material for their fireplace.

How to renew a fireplace

Make up for it

Living Room-Fireplace-Modern-Meets-Tradtion-by-Garrison-Hullinger-Interior-Design-Inc How To Redesign A Fireplace To Look AwesomeImage source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

If you are looking for a complete way to redesign a fireplace, this is the one for you. A white mantelpiece over the fireplace with the subtlety of white marble. This fireplace is very trendy and modern with the ship’s lock. In addition, the IKEA shelves make the fireplace a little more familiar to those who want to have a warm fireplace to read.

Reface for artists

University-Park-Traditional-by-Mike-Healey-Photography How to redesign a fireplace to look awesomeImage source: Mike Healey Photography

This is an affordable option to renovate a fireplace for those who want an artistic touch in their home. Placing an abstract piece of art over the fireplace creates an extraordinary sight that is sure to catch the eye. It’s also a very budget-conscious decision to redecorate your fireplace in this style.

Repaint the stones

Olivias-Family-Room-by-Kevin-Twitty-Interiors How to redesign a fireplace to look awesomeImage source: Kevin Twitty Interiors

This option may be one of the easiest ways to redecorate your fireplace. You can buy heat-resistant latex paint and paint it over the bricks. One of the best and most popular colors is white, but there is obviously an endless list of options when it comes to colors. Everything that fits your overall design of the living room. A great way to keep your paint fresh is to buy a wood or pellet fireplace insert. These inserts keep you warmer and negate the heat loss that can occur in the fireplace.

Keep the stone clear

Park-Slope-Brownstone-von-Ben-Herzo How to redesign a fireplace to look awesomeImage source: Ben Duke

This is the opposite of the option above – you can expose the brick to get that rustic look. Add some decorative accessories around the fireplace and you will create a stunning fireplace. The best thing is that you don’t even have to do much other than equip the area around the fireplace.

Floor to ceiling

Champion-Hills-by-BlueStone-Construction-LLC How to redesign a fireplace to look awesomeImage source: BlueStone Construction, LLC

This is certainly a statement; You can decorate the fireplace from floor to ceiling with textures and colors that are constantly changing. You can opt for more visually stunning textures on the top, or choose to become lighter and try something that is easy on the eye. Here, too, the choice is entirely up to you, but the proposal is certainly interesting.

Tile the stove

Rye-Transitional-Home-by-Lorraine-Levinson-Interior-Design How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Lorraine Levinson interior design

This is a simple option that allows you to change the look of your living room within a few days or weeks. If you add some colorful and fresh tiles to the fireplace, you create something that completely changes the feeling of space.

Keep it fresh

If you want something fresh and modern, you should add some graphic fabrics. In this case, it’s a zebra fabric, but you can choose anything that suits your room. If you add a double-sided insert to the fireplace, you can enjoy the fireplace, which looks almost brand new.

Old school brick works

Rustic-Coastal-Farmhouse-by-Southern-Grace-Interiors How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Southern Grace Interiors

If you like something that looks very traditional and old-fashioned, you can opt for this look by simply giving your fireplace the German smear treatment. This gives the fireplace a very old-fashioned look. Or you can leave your current masonry in place if it looks old and add some renovation work and you’re good to go.

Add tiles

Of course, if you’re looking for a great way to redesign a fireplace, you can’t go wrong if you put some tiles in the right places. This means adding tiles to the area around the fireplace. It can be done very easily, and you can even add a touch of color or sheen to create a nice, warm feel.


Modwalls-Brio-Mosaic-Glass-Clear-Red-Tile-Installation-of-Modwalls-Tile How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Modwall’s tile

Nothing is more striking than a shiny fireplace. You can top off the entire design by placing the red sheen over the fireplace, which will surely make it look better.

Culture stone

This type of stone is made by pouring concrete into a mold. The end product is a natural looking material that you can even improve by adding some color to it. You can buy the prefabricated culture stone or make it yourself. In any case, it is a good way to liven up your fireplace, which has stood for years.

Fresh paint and tiles

Woodvale-Drive-by-The-Design-Atelier How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: The design studio

For a quick makeover, adding some tiles to the fireplace and a hint of white paint around the fireplace won’t go much wrong. It will give the fireplace a much fresher and renovated look.

Add blue stones

Luxury-Residential-Photography-by-Leona-Mozes-Photography How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Leona Mozes photography

If you are looking for something else, this is the place for you. Add blue stones to your fireplace to instantly make it unique.

Materials for the salvage shop

If you want to use some materials for salvage operations, you can easily integrate them into the design of the fireplace.

Change the shape

Living room-by-Alisberg-Parker How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Alisberg Parker

It would require a healthy renovation, but it can be one that is completely satisfactory when done. This is a good choice for a fireplace overhaul and requires a complete overhaul.


Country-French-Family-Room-by-Peg-Berens-Interior-Design-LLC How to redesign a fireplace to look fantasticImage source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Limestone is certainly an interesting material that can give your fireplace a chalky finish.

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