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How to make transition decor and get a great result

The transitional decor is a balanced approach to the modern and traditional styles of interior design to connect it together and create a fusion that results in a comfortable and relaxing style of decoration. Conventional and contemporary styles meet here.

If you are an admirer of the modern fashion style and the vintage classics still fascinate you, then the transition decor is the end point for your search. The modern interior is mainly focused on comfort and functionality of life.

The transition decor is a combination of two different or contrasting decoration styles. It is neither too strong and crunchy as the modern style, nor too old-fashioned to fit in with today’s times. It offers a great mix of warmth and comfort of traditional design with a modern twist.

This unique blend is the reason why it is a hot trend among designers today as customer demand increases.

What is the transition style?

Copper-Crest-by-Keith-Wing-Custom-Builders How to Make Transition Decor and Get a Great Result
Image source: Keith Wing Custom Builder

The transitional decor shows the best of two different furnishing styles. It picks up on the mildness of traditional design and quickly combines it with empirical features of modern decor.

The neutral color, complemented by accessories made of wood and upholstery made of colorful fabrics, results in a style that is refined and yet soothing, simple and yet comfortable.

How do I create a transition decor?

Neutral color palette

Oak-Hill-Craftsman-von-Becker-Hill-Interiors-von-Marilyn-Kimberly How to make transitional decor and get a great resultImage source: Becker Hill Interiors by Marilyn Kimberly

Choose a neutral color palette that creates a sense of serenity and cleanliness, while maintaining the essence of the transition design style. The color swatches generally include gray, sand, taupe, vanilla, tan, and white.

However, there are few bold colors that can blend in with this style as well, such as: B. charcoal or midnight blue, which gives a masculine decorative style. It would have to be balanced with additional colors when choosing accessories.


Osmond-Home-by-OSMOND-DESIGNS How to make transition decor and achieve a great resultImage source: OSMOND DESIGNS

When creating a transition interior design, it is important to arouse a visual interest in the technique of the decor. Regardless of whether you use carpets and carpets for the floor or pillows and pillows for the sofas or in the bedroom, everything must complement the color of the room.

The right curtains also underline the beauty of the entire decor. Every small accessory in the room, including the wall decorations, must be carefully selected. Common shades as we discussed earlier are neutral. So try to choose bold accessories that create a nice contrast in the room with a calming effect.

Comfortable furniture

Park-Avenue-NY-by-Passione How to make a transition decoration and get a great resultImage source: Passione

In transitional interior design, furniture is the focus of attraction and everything in the room is built around it, taking placement and style into account. Straight and clear lines combined with curves, simple silhouettes with the balanced two-tone color palette are only a few attributes of the transition decor.

Although clean and refined lines are the hallmarks of a transitional style home, it doesn’t have the very sharp lines or sharp edges that you would normally find in a contemporary style. It also does not reflect a formal style of furniture, but looks very comfortable and informal.

Metal, glass, wood combined with leather and other textured fabrics are used for upholstery and other furniture.

Taking all these factors into account, it also looks very lush and cozy, which gives the design a wealth and works well with all other designs in the room.

Textiles and fabrics

Palm-Beach-Residence-by-Dmitry-Serba-Design How to make transitional decor and get a great resultImage source: Dmitry Serba Design

The transition design offers a lot of space for the use of textiles and fabrics. A variety of textiles with different fabrics can be used for the transition decoration. The most popular are linen fabrics, cotton and linen blends, and textured chenille, which looks stunning on wooden frame furniture.

Among other things, fabrics such as rayon, silk, cotton, nylon, polyester and leather can be used for various purposes, since each has its unique properties.

The fabric colors are often chosen according to the piece of furniture in the room, because the mixture of these two factors has a general influence on the theme of the transition design of the house.

When choosing a fabric, comfort is one of the key factors to consider. Fabrics are mainly used for upholstery to cover sofas, chairs and mattresses. They are also used as curtains and drapes in window decor. Other few accessories that involve the use of fabrics are pillowcases and pillowcases, sheets, tablecloths and napkins, etc.

Creation of a transition design house

Here are some options based on the transition design style attributes mentioned above.

Transitional living room

Book Lovers-Francophile-Living-Room-by-Julia-Rudin-Design-Gruppe How to make transition decor and achieve a great resultImage source: Julia Rudin Design Group

For an open floor plan, throw in some floor rugs to separate the dining area from the living area. Neutral colors and lots of light with a table and some upholstered metal chairs ensure a bright living room with a transition design.

You can add comfy sofas in neutral colors with some bold and light shade pillows and add some metal accessories like flower vases, candles or chandeliers to give the room an edge.

A shade of blue in the gray background of the walls can create a really sophisticated and stylish look. Add some wooden cabinets for storage requirements. Overall, a mix of different materials and colors makes for a great transition living room.

Transitional style bedroom

Charcoal-and-Blush-Master-Bedroom-by-Lindsey-Black-Interiors How to make transition decor and get a great resultImage source: Lindsey Black Interiors

An elegant transitional style bedroom can be designed with a beautiful hand-woven rug under the feet that also covers part of the floor space. Some floral bed linen and quilts on the bed with velvety accent pillows and a padded headboard ensure a great transition home decor.

Add some skylights to the high ceiling of the room and let in daylight. Use neutral-colored wallpaper with a metallic nightstand next to the bed to give the bedroom a glamorous finish. Choose colors that make you happy and warm.

Transition kitchen

Downview-Transitional-Kitchen-from-Saint-Clair-Kitchen-n-House How to make transitional decor and achieve a great resultImage source: Saint Clair kitchen & home

Use wooden cabinets with polished frames for the kitchen design. Color palettes can be white countertops on the wooden cabinets with a hint of green for small storage accessories. It can give the room a bright and fresh look.

The use of pretty glassware and kitchenware, taupe cabinets, indoor plants on open shelves and quartz counters with a glossy surface ensures a clean and stylish look.

Add stainless steel appliances with black marble countertops and white tiles and cabinets with a dash of red or green on top accessories and hanging lamps to make them bright.

For a more rustic look, you can also use wood kitchen tops with white or gray tiles and cabinets. Adding metal accessories would also make it more rural with a transition edge.

Transitional style bathroom

Master-bathroom-by-de-mattei construction How to make transitional decor and achieve a great resultImage source: De Mattei construction

Add mirrors for a roomier look with neutral black and white tiles and closets. Throw in a few towels with colors in green or blue, both of which give a fresh feeling.

Taupe-colored shadow tiles and granite surfaces with a gold frame in the mirror and lots of natural light with yellow accessories for small warehouses make the room brighter and more glamorous.

The separate glass shower door is another way to add space to the bathroom. You can use mosaic pattern floors or accents inspired by brass and jewelry that give the design an edge.


Hope the above transition ideas for the interior would help you build your dream home. Just follow the patterns, shapes, colors, fabrics and textiles with the right furniture and you can have a great transition style home in no time.

Remember that the transition home decor is a subtle mix of two traditional and contemporary design styles. This is a decor in which the old meets the new to create a calming and comfortable living space.

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