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Breakfast Bar Stools – a great addition to your kitchen

Breakfast Bar Stools are one of the most sold pieces of furniture these days. Given the variety of color, design and material they are available in and the tremendous amount of attraction they bring to your house, breakfast bar stools are a must have. When searching for the perfect breakfast bar stools for your house, there are several factors that you may have to consider.


While breakfast bar stools look modern and chic, they could give your house a very odd look if placed incorrectly. Kitchen islands are the perfect spot for bar stools. You could also place them across the kitchen counter if you have an open kitchen.


The height of breakfast bar stool should be around 28 to 30 inches. The stools should be high enough for you to be comfortably seated.


Breakfast bar stools are available in wood and metal. Wooden stools are a great choice for a welcoming look but are only available in fixed heights. If you have kids in your house, you should go for metal bar stools as they are available with a gas lift which can be used to change the height of the stool.


The fabric you choose for your breakfast bar stools really depends on your taste and preference. You could us leather or vinyl for a modern look or a printed or striped fabric for a warmer feel. If you have kids in the house who will be using these chairs then it is highly recommended that you choose vinyl. It gives the same look as leather and is easy to clean.

Adding breakfast bar stools to your kitchen can be a great idea. It will really help you avoid the mess of the breakfast in your dining area and will give your kitchen a completely new look.