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Tips and ideas for choosing and displaying art in your bathroom

Bathrooms can be the most exciting room in your home to decorate. They can become a break from the chaos of the daily hustle and bustle and a spa to rest and relax at the end of a long day. In this intimate space, it’s important that you choose the right art to set the tone for a luxurious toilet feel.

Most bathrooms have a standard white bathtub, toilet and cabinets. This makes the perfect blank canvas for you to explore different art options for your walls.

  1. Choose a style you want to spend time with

When narrowing down an art style for your bathroom, consider the style of your bathtub, shower, sink, and faucet. Do they have clean, modern lines or do they have Victorian flourishes? While you can always mix and match, make sure you do it carefully and stick to only two contrasting styles.

Decide which place you want. Are you looking for a botanical short break, an abstract retreat or an elegant guest toilet? Keep this in mind when choosing the artwork and ask yourself if the piece fits this style.

  1. Decide what size and number is right for your space

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Measure your walls and decide which walls are best for artwork. Also think about the amount of light and where the light is.

Do not overwhelm the room with too many bulky parts. If you want to make it big, stick to a part or two. Larger pieces can have a big impact. A large piece should not take up more than two thirds of the open wall.

A gallery of smaller pieces can also add a lot of interest and versatile flair to the bathroom. If you want to hang a gallery wall, start with a piece in the middle and add pieces that are about 3 to 5 inches radial. Triptychs and Diptychs are also great for adding sophistication and interest to your bathroom decor.

Plan for Humidity: Choose your media wisely

Most works of art cannot stand the same moisture that plants love. The last thing you want is mold and mildew ruining one of your favorite pictures. Certain types of artwork last longer and are better able to withstand the effects of steam and moisture.

Artwork framed with glass usually works well in the bathroom. The same applies to photographs and prints. For a modern touch Acrylic mounted photographs can add color and pass the test of steam and sunlight.

Ceramic, blown glass, and most prints are great choices for the bathroom.

You should avoid using oil and acrylic pictures that are not protected by glass. You may also want to skip wooden frames that are not stained or painted as they can warp. The same applies to unprotected photos.

  1. Hang your art where it will be noticed and stay dry

Location matters when it comes to where your bathroom art works best. Usually the wall opposite the toilet is a great place for a painting or photo. The wall above the toilet or above a freestanding bathtub also makes an excellent art space.

When hanging art, think about how much wall space you have and how to keep your art away from splashes in the shower and bathtub. Avoid placing artwork too low where children may get wet hands or spray water on it while you play in the tub.

  1. Don’t hesitate to do it yourself

Bathroom art doesn’t have to be something you buy. The bathroom is a great place to experiment with DIY art projects. These often require very little investment of money and time.

If you are interested in creating unique and personal works of art, here are some things you can try:

  • Framed wallpaper
  • Paper mache letter
  • DIY botanical art
  • Silhouette art
  • Doily art
  • Card art
  • Abstract canvas art

After choosing your art, take a look at the “Best Plants for Bathroom: which one is right for you?”. for a plant that suits your art.

One of the best things about the bathroom is that the art you hang is easy to swap out. Often times, you don’t even have to drill new holes in the wall. Just have fun and enjoy the experience of adding color and creativity to your bathroom.