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Carpet cleaning tips for durable carpets

A carpet is an absolutely fantastic addition that gives your floor a feeling of luxury. Not only that, a carpet tends to rock your feet, especially if you step on it with bare feet. It also helps to protect your hard floor like laminate, tile or hardwood floor from regular damage from sharp objects, especially if it falls on it.

Regardless of the huge benefits of your carpet, however, if you keep it in pristine condition, there is a way to ensure its safety and proper hygiene. You see, when your carpet is dirty, it attracts millions of dirt particles that are usually sharp and tiny.

If you step on these abrasive particles, there is a high risk that your carpet will be damaged as they tend to rub against the carpet and tear the fabric to cause wear. So if you are the type of person we speak to, here are five simple strategies you can use to maintain the quality of your carpet.

Use mats and carpets

Mats and carpets are a safe way to maintain the quality of your carpet. As a rule of thumb, a coarser mat, or rather one with larger particles, is attached to the outside of the front door to remove dirt, grime, and debris from your shoes. You should place a soft, water-absorbent mat on the inside, as this can suck moisture out of your shoes to prevent wetting the carpet.

Clean stains immediately

If you accidentally spill some liquid on your carpet, you should clean it immediately to avoid further stains. In most cases, if you clean them immediately, there is a 99% chance of staining your carpet.

Although the stains vary by severity, the best thing is that almost 80% of all stains can be removed by simply cleaning your carpet with plain tap water and a clean cloth. However, if the stain is hard and difficult to remove, you can mix baking soda or vinegar solution with water to clean the affected areas on the spot.

If the stain persists, you can use stronger commercial cleaning formulas, although you need to be careful not to damage the fabric of your carpet. Always check the fabric your carpet is made of to avoid voiding the warranty.

Do not scrub, only clean on site

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when cleaning their carpets is scrubbing the fabric with a washer. Although this may be tempting and seems to be the correct procedure for removing stubborn stains, scrubbing only blurs the affected area and can even damage the carpet if the chemicals in the stain seep away and react with the fabric.

To breathe life into your carpet, dab the outer edges of the carpet toward the center to prevent the stains from spreading further.

Vacuum regularly

If we mention that you vacuum your carpet regularly, you don’t necessarily have to clean it every day. What we actually mean is that you should clean the carpet at least once or twice a week. Vacuum areas should be vacuumed regularly than in other areas to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

Always use high-pressure and high-pressure vacuum cleaners for effective vacuuming, as they are known to thoroughly remove stubborn stains. For more information, you can visit credible websites like Blog for home appliances Find out more about the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets.

Take off your shoes

Taking off your shoes before entering the house is one way to maintain proper hygiene. You see, if you do the first 15 steps on your carpet with dirty shoes, most of the dirt will be sifted off the carpet, which will make it unbearably dirty after a while.

This not only exposes your home to millions of harmful allergens and bacteria, but also accelerates the rate of wear of your carpet. In addition, too much dust on your carpet will cause sanding, which will cloud the dye / color of the carpet over a long period of time and make it look dull.

In addition to the five tips above, there are other incredible ways you can consider cleaning your carpet to maintain its quality. While most of these tips work effectively, some are quite tricky and require you to hire a professional carpet cleaner to take advantage of their advice.

In short, regular cleaning of your carpet is one way to maintain its quality and give it a long life.