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How to Add a Rococo Look to Your Home with Fainting Couch

You have probably seen the strange piece of furniture probably in the movies or museums even that has the back on one side only or lower back wrapped around it with higher back on one side. This is called a Fainting Couch. They are said to have been used for women who fainted out of tightness of their corsets or for those women that needed specific massage procedures, these couches kept their comfort during the procedures.

Today fainting couch does not have the same function as before, but is a rather original decorative piece that can also be amazingly comfortable. Some even suggest that a fainting couch can help them sleep if they have restless sleeping patterns, as it offers sleep in a sitting position.

Depending on which room you use the couch in, the design will vary accordingly. A fainting couch is quite an expensive piece of furniture and its price depends on material and elegance at the same time, expensive coverings are obviously more durable and can look more luxurious as well.

You can also fit a fainting couch to a more modern house as well; however it fits best to a vintage style and adds a little Rococo look to it. In more modern house the back and legs of the couch will need to have less ornaments and it will bring rather original look as well. If your home is full of antique details and ornamented furniture, a fainting couch will merge with such style perfectly.