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How to Grow Lilies

Stunning in an arrangement and eye-catching in the garden, lilies are one of the simplest and most versatile flowers available to the gardener.

Lilium asiatic Red Carpet

If you plan ahead and use bulbs from different groups in your landscape, you can enjoy color from late spring through the fall months. There are lilies for fragrance, for height, for pure floral power and for cutting gardens. And if you’re growing them as container plants, they can be moved and removed – perfect for gardeners who want an instant impact without the downside of leaf dieback.

You will find traditional varieties and many well-known and less common hybrids from the Oriental, Asia and Trumpet areas. Whether you decide to grow some of the oldest lilies out there like the Tiger or Martagon lily, or delight in one of the hundreds of hybrids available to the home gardener, you’ll be amazed at the colorful impact , which will have blooming lilies in your garden .