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How to get the most out of a temporary garage

If you have a temporary garage where you can park a vehicle, you’re in luck. Temporary garages don’t just store vehicles, but they can also store many other things that you may have around your house. Here are some ways you can get the most out of your temporary garage.

Use it to save seasonal vehicles

Many people have a two-car garage for their homes, but they find that they cannot park all of their seasonal vehicles there. If you and your partner both have a car, your garage space will be used for two cars. What should you do with the motorcycle, the pop-up camper or the boat? You can keep these seasonal vehicles in your temporary garage at any time until they find a home in your garage or until you return them to a more permanent warehouse. This way, you don’t have to travel an extra 20 miles one way to get your boat to the lake, which is just down the road.

Use it as a greenhouse

If you still have room in your temporary garage and love plants, your garage can serve as a place to put new plants into operation, repot old ones, or store dirt and other garden tools. Because temporary garages store heat, they are great for protecting plants, especially if you live in an area of ​​the country where the mornings are cool even in July.

To throw a party

Even the spontaneous barbecue could use your temporary garage. These shelters make grilling easier by keeping direct sunlight away from your food and protecting them from pests. You could set up a place to eat in a makeshift garage, or a place where parents can take their young children with them to change them, give them a break from the festivities, or have them take a nap. If you have a night party, the temporary garage is the perfect place to accommodate food and drinks. It is centrally located and everyone will be able to see it.

There is always a memory requirement

Temporary garages can definitely Build up your storage capabilities. You might want seasonal items that you only need once or twice a year, such as: B. Christmas lights and Christmas tree in your temporary garage. You can also store the tools and equipment you need when you are working on your car, and you need a place to change the oil or air filters. Temporary garages are a great place to store equipment you may need for a few days, such as: B. a high-pressure cleaner or a paint sprayer.

Just because you may have received your garage for temporary use to store your car does not mean that you cannot currently use it for any other purpose. We bet that once you have decided you will find all sorts of reasons to love your temporary garage to do much more than just store your car.