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Why you should take advantage of a screened room home addition

If you enjoy spending time outdoors but aren’t a huge fan of the heat or bugs, a screened-in sun room might be the solution for you. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of adding a screened space to your home.

While adding value to your home, you can create an outdoor oasis with the benefits of indoor space right in your own home. Protect yourself from the weather and insects with a stylish addition that can add more than just square feet to your home.

Adding a screened space to your home can be a large project that you may want to hire a professional like the experts at pwhomeimprovement.com. Your design doesn’t have to be complicated to give you that extra space that you will love. Entertaining, sharing family dinners, or just having some quiet time are some of the benefits of adding a screened space to your home.

Bug out

Together with the summer heat comes the infestation of seasonal insects. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can make staying outdoors a nightmare. With diseases like Lyme disease and the Zika virus A screened area can help protect your family and pets from the risk of being bitten. If you have young children, a screened-off room can provide them with a safe outdoor space to play while enjoying the fresh air, but protecting them from stings and bites.

Increased value

Adding a shielded room to your home is of great value ROI (return on investment). Known as a feature that is very attractive to home buyers, you can increase the resale value of your home by having one built. More and more shoppers are interested in an outdoor lifestyle, so a screened space can be the perfect draw. It’s a great way to add value to your home, whether you’re looking to sell or stay in your home for years.

Living room

As your family grows, you may need a creative way to add more usable space to your home. Use your screened room as an additional dining area or create a cozy living area. Enjoy a movie night with the kids in the fresh air, or watch the sunrise while you have breakfast with your family. A casual seating area can be a great place to entertain friends and not get under pressure.

Indoor escape

If you love the outdoors but still like the comforts of your home when you are trying to relax, a screened space is the perfect solution. If you enjoy reading, meditating, or taking an afternoon nap, you’ll love the sheltered outdoor space that you can create with a screened space. Enjoy the sounds, smells and even the cool breeze from the comfort of your home.


If you’re looking for an innovative and fun way to add more practical living space to your home, consider adding a screened space. It’s easy to create a comfortable outdoor space with the shielding and roofing protection to make you feel most comfortable. A screened room can be the ideal place to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying the benefits of nature.