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Frequently asked questions about laminate floors

Laminate floors are beautiful, low-maintenance, multi-layer synthetic floor coverings with simplified laying. It can be completely waterproof if it is well hemmed. Since it’s trending these days, here are some common questions about laminate flooring and the answers to them.

Question: What does it take to maintain laminate floors?

Laminate floors are dirt-repellent and therefore easy to keep clean. Just make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as possible. You can also use laminate floor cleaners to help maintain the floor’s natural sheen. You can contact specialists in New Orleans flooring to take over the maintenance of your laminate floors

Q. What is the best place to install laminate floors?

Laminate floors are designed so that they can be installed anywhere in the house. Exceptions are areas where damp mops such as saunas, bathrooms, washrooms and closed verandas or verandas are required.

Q. Why should I choose laminate floors instead of solid wood floors?

For one thing, laminate is cheaper. Second, it is lightfast and scratch resistant. Third, laminate is much easier on the eyes than hardwood floors.

Question: How do you keep your laminate floor clean?

Your laminate can be cleaned with a sponge, mop, cloth, paper towels or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. There is obviously no need for chemicals, soap-based detergents, wax, or abrasives. However, you may want to use nail polish remover on stains like oil, tar, paint, or asphalt.

Q. How do I deal with scratches?

It takes a long time to scratch a laminate floor. You can use your touch kit or replace the damaged areas if the mending doesn’t work.

Q. Can I replace a single damaged board?

Yes you can. Laminate floors are not attached or glued directly to the sub-floor, so you can remove the flooring from the last boards laid. After replacing the damaged card, just click the uninstalled cards again. Of course, a better option is to hire experts who properly treat the New Orleans flooring to carry out your repairs.

Q. How long do laminate floors last?

There are a variety of products, so everything depends on the product and your maintenance procedure. In general, most laminates have warranties in the 10 to 25 year range. So you can see that they are built to last.

Q. What should I do before I continue installing my laminate floor?

Before you start installing your laminate floor, there are a few things that need to be done.

It is always better to keep the manufacturer’s installation instructions as these instructions are intended to help you. Factory defects can also occur. Therefore, carry out a strict inspection of all laminate panels and try to identify any faults before you start laying the floors.

One of the most attractive things about laminate floors is that they are easy to install. While easy to install, nothing can get much better than having professionals do it. Nora Flooring has some of the most experienced professionals in New Orleans who can meet your laminate flooring installation needs.