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Snow blower features you need to look for when you buy one for your driveway

If you have experience buying lawnmowers, you know the extreme variety that can be found when buying outdoor tools.

Gas powered, versus electric, versus cordless electric, or driving versus non-driving, and the options for buying a snow blower are endless.

To help you decide which winter tool to use for your homestead on your trip, here are some of the most important things to look out for.

Electric versus train start

Even gas powered snow blowers initiate a transmission into using an electric start instead of the conventional train start. For the gas models, this generally consists of plugging into a power source, but it saves you from having to pull the cord to start your machine. If you’re trying to get out of the cold as quickly as possible, arguing with your computer while trying to start is probably not on your to-do list.

Cordless – electric snow blowers

With the advent of Tesla cars and the advances they make in electrical technology, I no longer believe anyone has any more doubts about the effectiveness of electrical energy. When you are ready to do an electric choiceChoosing a cordless electric snow thrower gives you the ease of a gas-powered machine without having to worry about the cord. If you’re looking to dig up, the unbiased authorities at the Backyard Workshop provide a rundown of some of the innovations that have emerged from electric snow throwers in 2019.

Different speeds versus single stage

Single-stage or two-stage snow throwers do the job most of the time, but it can be a hassle. If you live in an area with a lot of snow during the winter season, you may spend a little more time clearing your driveway with these puppies. A three-stage machine can increase your efficiency and reduce the time it takes to clean your patch.

User-friendly slide setting

Every time you get to the end of your trail you will have to change the direction of the slide as you clear your driveway. Lower price models offer a lever to change direction, but this can be cumbersome. Newer and high-end models offer a joystick that makes it easier to adjust the slide. It may cost you more, but it will decrease the time you spend in cold weather.

Accrued costs

Gas power may be more your thing, but it’s probably not spending the money on gas. If you want to save money on a snow blower, an electric option may be better for you. Using electricity with or without a cable will lower the running costs of your machine.

Headlights are not just for cars

Okay, maybe this isn’t a big necessity, but it’s definitely my favorite thing to do with a snow blower. In winter, the days get shorter and it is likely to get dark when you get home from work. Headlights are a big plus when it comes to lighting the path when the snow is blowing. It will also make sure you don’t get snow on an unfortunate passer-by caught in your slide path.

Remove the need for hand warmers

It is winter, it is cold, we all put a hand warmer in our gloves to stay warm. Some snow blowers offer the option of having heated handles that fit the weather perfectly. When you have a heated steering wheel you will understand how awesome this is and will stop warming your hands between the blowing snow. You’re ready to get your work done without having to take breaks that way.

snow-1901847_1280 Snowthrower Features You Must Look For When Buying One For Your Home Driveway

Choosing the right snow blower depends on the features you want to include in your new favorite tool. Some of the features to look out for are simple trinkets, and you may just want a machine that does the job. They all make clearing your driveway much easier than simply using a shovel. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, however, and there’s no shame in having some extras on your machine. You would definitely keep an eye on some of the electric snow blowers on the market. I think the recent re-emergence of electric vehicles in the market has removed some of the stigmatizations surrounding these devices. No matter which snow blower you choose, enjoy your new machine and stay warm!