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How to have a minimalist decor in your home with no clutter

Minimalist decor is the best thing you can look for in your home. This has managed to gain a place in our hearts through the clear environment that it offers.

Much of its popularity is due to the current lifestyle, where we have little time to relax and are constantly bombarded with information. Stress is building up and the last thing we want is to have a mess in the house that doesn’t allow us to rest.

In search of a tendency against a crowded house, minimalism with its philosophy “less is more” is a smart and very elegant solution to our chaos. Read on to learn how to organize yourself at home.

Simple tips for a neat, minimalist home

River-House-by-Mark-Dziewulski-Architect How to have minimalist decor in your home without clutter
Image source: Mark Dziewulski architect

An overcrowded home is a problem that we need to resolve as soon as possible. As long as we don’t order it, we will feel great stress every time we see it. Before we pass the minimalist decor, we need to check our entire house and analyze which objects we don’t need. This may take a while, but that’s the only way we can start cleaning.

The best solution is prevention

College-Ave.-San-Francisco-Modern-Flip-by-Chic-Home-Interiors How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Chic home interiors

As with anything in life, the best problem is the one that doesn’t occur. If we are people who like to collect items and furniture, we should start working on our self-control.

There are many ways to create a crowded house: we can buy objects that we really don’t need and then just leave them stacked, or we can be people who accept objects and gifts from others and then don’t know what we are you should start with that.

Regardless of the type of disruption, the end result will be the same: the chaos that will be difficult to control. However, today, thanks to the minimalist style, we can have a home that we can be happy with and solve our clutter problem.

Eliminate anything that doesn’t make you happy

Heather Street Vancouver by Monet Home staging How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Monet Home Staging

The first step to a destroyed home is to ask if there are objects that don’t make us happy, but that are in our eyes. If these don’t add a positive stimulus to our mood, it’s best to save or throw them away.

Minimalism depends on balance

Living-Room-by-Diditan-Group-Inc How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Diditan Group Inc.

This is a somewhat complex concept to understand. By creating groups of objects or juxtaposing them, we can create areas that are visually balanced. An example is the asymmetrical placement of small portraits or paintings in a corner of our house, but without exaggerating their placement so as not to overload the environment.

If you need professional help, don’t be afraid to consult an interior designer. You can also search the Internet for other examples with keywords such as “minimalism” or “minimalist decor”.

We need a focus in every minimalist concept

Open-Space-Living-Room-by-Diditan-Group-Inc How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Diditan Group Inc.

When organizing a space with a minimalist style, the most important thing is that we have a clear focus that will act as a guide for the rest of the furniture. Moreau tells us that “we always need to include a central focus from which the rest of the design is illuminated”.

The designer also recommends using a small map that divides the space into quadrants so that we can order the decoration more easily and give control over each element such as the color or the artwork.

The center of gravity should be the focus of all attention in the room. To do this, we need to get rid of the clutter and remove any unnecessary elements that act as distractors and interfere with our main point. Do not be condescending and eliminate everything that is not necessary and you will be closer to a minimalist home.

Floors are a quick way to decorate

Entire House-Remodeling-in-Glen-Ellen-von-Jon-Ballard-Construction How to have a minimalist decor in your house without clutterImage source: Jon Ballard Construction

Well, fast is relative. If we have a wooden floor, we have half the work done. If that’s not our case, any simple bottom end will work. Another important detail is that we have to get rid of unnecessary carpets or bizarre prints to keep them simple with neutral colors.

A simple floor can also be highlighted by using glass concrete, which creates a marble-like effect.

Light is an important aspect of minimalist decoration

Greenlake-Modern-Home-by-Fivedot How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Fivedot

Lighting is one of the most important features of minimalist decor. We can play with different lighting conditions, between natural and artificial. Keep the blinds and curtains open during the day. Use lamps at night to create controlled environments.

Remember, like the black color in the paint, the shadows create the feeling of narrow spaces in the house. Don’t skimp on lights and avoid leaving corners of the house without the right brightness.

One way to cover more space with the lights is to install them on the ceiling as they cover more space than from a side wall by significantly reducing the angles at which shadows are created.

Make great improvements by grouping similar objects

Plaza-Towers-Condo-Renovation-by-Niki-Papad-Opoulos How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Niki Papadopoulos

When it comes to minimalist decor, it’s important to leave open and clean spaces. This does not mean that we cannot give it character. The way to do this, according to Moreau, is to group objects with similar characteristics in small areas.

Of course, no object works; The designer gives us some suggestions on how to group framed pictures into a section of the wall.

One way to see the clutter in our house is through a number of elements that we can group, but still not. Is a hidden potential that we have to use. The little clothes and accessories are an example; How many times have we not left the shoes where they shouldn’t? The simple fact of finding them where they should make a big difference.

Other items that we can group into specific areas that we usually neglect include pencils and pens, remote controls, makeup, and stop counting.

Carefully analyze what furniture you can use

Lim-Project-by-Blakes-of-Sydney How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Blakes from Sydney

Not all furniture works in all rooms. There are pieces that look spectacular in exhibition halls but not in the middle of your kitchen. Don’t just put furniture up with no meaning. Look for what is really needed in the room for its purpose.

If an item is not used frequently, it is better to save, donate, or throw it away. This goes for the chairs in our dining set, which we normally only use 2 of the 10 we have.

As for the shape, the minimalist furniture decor tends to keep the figures straight and clean. Simple wooden furniture with no additional carving or built-in metal is ideal suggestions that keep the general setting simple but elegant.

Simple but eye-catching designs

LG-House-Living-Room-Interior-by-Thirdstone-Inc How to have a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Thirdstone Inc.

That the design of the furniture is simple doesn’t mean there is a lack of contrasting pieces. For a chair, the back and armrests should stand out from the rest of the furniture so that they look smooth but are confident of their shape.

Every corner is important in the minimalist decor. We have to use all of the space that is decorated because the rest will be empty and we want it to stay that way in order to keep order and balance.

In minimalism, it is more important that the pieces we choose are appropriate and not many. We will only use the bare essentials: a sofa, table and the entertainment equipment for the room; the bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe or chest of drawers for the bedroom and so on.

When we do not need the lamps because the lighting achieved is sufficient at any time of the day, the ideal is to remove them to gain more space.

Let the room speak for itself

Display-home-furniture-equipment-n-styling-by-loft-interiors This is how you get a minimalist decor in your home without clutterImage source: Loft interiors

Finished the decorating work, fly to check the rooms and ask yourself … is the furniture I see only necessary? This very useful question at the beginning of the process is key to conclude.

If we continue to see objects that are completely unnecessary for the environment we are looking for, get back to work and remove them.

Remember to take into account the focus of our surroundings and check every visible corner from there. If everything is in order, the center of gravity remains the most important part of the room, you will not see any disturbance from it and you will have the feeling that you have received a new space of relaxation from the outside world.

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