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The natural rattan wicker trend for home decor

The fact is that we are becoming more and more aware of our environment and the impact we have on it. It’s no surprise, then, that we’re looking for more natural, organic designs to fill our homes with. There is also the element that goes around and rattan is just one example that has seen a resurgence in our homes.

Rattan/wicker was a big hit in the 70’s and one that lasted a decade. It may well bring back memories (if you’re my age) and if not, then this will all be new to you.

Of course today we are talking about natural materials and not the synthetic rattan that we see everywhere for garden furniture. Rattan is specifically a natural material, while wicker structures are made from a whole range of different materials ranging from bamboo, straw and in some cases rattan. Whichever you choose, they are all biodegradable, which benefits the environment in the long term.

The natural rattan/wicker trend

I thought we would take inspiration from this latest home trend as it blends beautifully with most settings and isn’t really dated giving you some longevity in your decor choices. A win-win in my books.