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How Tasmanian oak changes the look of your home

If you want to invest in quality flooring or furniture, you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to the type of wood you can use. Each type of wood varies in cost and has its own unique properties and appearance.

While there are many high quality wood options that you can consider, one of the best options is Tasmanian oak. It is considered high quality Australian hardwood with 3 types that grow in the mountain areas of Tasmania.

It is a versatile wood that is suitable for both indoor and construction applications and can be used for skirting boards, cladding, floors and architraves.

What you should know about Tasmanian oak

The dense, resilient and warm Tasmanian oak provides a great finish. It has a light color that may vary from reddish brown with shades of pink and cream. It is also known for its amazing stain qualities that go perfectly with some furniture, wood or surface.

In addition, Tasmanian oak is often marketed under different names depending on the point of sale. It is also sometimes incorrectly referred to as Victorian ashes, especially in Victoria and NSW. Note, however, that Tasmanian oak has a less uniform and wider color mix compared to Victorian ash.

Ways Tasmanian Oak can change the look of your home

If you are considering Tasmanian oak for your home, there are many ways that it can change your overall look. These include the following:

  • Tasmanian oak offers a classic and traditional look

One of the best things about the Tasmanian oak is that it can make your home classy. Unlike dark wood floors, it goes well with some materials and is perfect for decorating your home, especially if you prefer a traditional style.

Apart from that, Tasmanian oak can be mixed with some metal decorations to give your interior a contemporary look. In fact, this wood gets better with age, which means it gets more attractive over the years.

  • Tasmanian oak can be used in various applications

Tasmanian oak is very strong and durable. It can be used to make good-looking bookshelves, and it can be used to make computer tables that can take a lot of heavy loads and pressures. It offers you a longevity of more than 2 generations and can easily be repaired by carpenters or experts.

  • Tasmanian oak gives your home added value

Tasmanian oak is a resistant wood on the market that is suitable for various applications. It has light undertones ranging from yellow to reddish brown, so you can combine it perfectly with the colors, the overall look of your room and the furniture. You can also stain Tasmanian oak to complement some woods in your home.

  • Tasmanian Oak fits every home decor

Regardless of your preferred quality and style for your Tasmanian oak, you can be sure that it will suit your home decor.

With many designs such as rustic qualities with grains and knots, there are various options for your home. If you don’t know how to combine this wood with other woods, you can always ask the experts for help.

Why should you choose Tasmanian oak for your home?

Even if there is a large selection of woods and hardwoods, there are many reasons why Tasmanian oak is always a good choice. These include the following:

One of the reasons why Tasmanian Oak is a good choice for your home is the low maintenance. You can easily polish it and make it shiny. It is also not affected by humidity and rust. In addition, minor marks or damage can be easily covered.

When your Tasmanian oak loses its shine and you want to Rework your floorsit can easily be done with the help of professionals.

Tasmanian oak is known for its weather resistance. Unlike other types of flooring, such as marble and vinyl, which get hot in summer and cold in winter, the temperature of the Tasmanian oak remains normal. This will keep your rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.

Tasmanian oak also tolerates the damp state and is not deteriorated. However, you need to be careful not to get any direct water or any form of liquid on your floor. If you accidentally spill liquid or water, wipe it off immediately with a mop or cloth.


Although Tasmanian oak is a bit expensive compared to other types of wood, your investment is still worth it because it lasts longer and can be used for various applications. It is a perfect option for furniture and floors.

However, before you buy Tasmanian oak, you should check the quality and hire a professional who has many years of experience and experience with this wood. Depending on your requirements, there are also suppliers who offer tailor-made options.