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Difference between a luxury interior designer and a normal interior designer

If you want a luxurious home, an interior designer can help you make your vision a reality. While there are many skilled and respected interior designers in most metropolitan areas, you need one who balances their talents with your personal tastes. For real luxury you need the services of one Luxury interior designers. Find out what makes them better equipped for the job.

1. Luxury interior designers have higher standards

When it comes to your home, you deserve the best. And while most interior designers strive for successful results, luxury designers have higher standards. Your customers expect more and typically have larger decor budgets, so they tend to perform better.

Typically, a luxury interior designer in Miami will devote more time to your project to get the results you want. In addition, they usually only select certain contractors and artisans with proven reputations for the jobs they are working on.

2. You make elegance part of the equation

Every designer relies on some key elements to decorate a house. However, regular designers don’t always work on a budget large enough to cover everything but essentials. You focus on comfort and convention but have to make sacrifices when it comes to luxury features.

When looking for a luxurious home, elegance is crucial. This elegance often comes in the form of a formal style. Antiques, polished wood and brilliant chandeliers, for example, are common in more traditional, elegant houses. In contemporary and contemporary homes, elegance can be found in other refinements. Unless a designer works with high-end clients frequently, they may not have the resources or the experience to find the elements required for the project.

3. Luxury designers take comfort to a whole new level

If a house is not comfortable, it cannot be luxurious. You may have gold-plated fixtures and expensive refinements all over your home, but it doesn’t mean anything if your decor is inconvenient.

Ordinary designers often think of comfort, but that is often compromised when trying to achieve a pleasing aesthetic. This can mean 1,000-thread count sheets, soft comforters that feel like hugs, and soaking tubs that you can expect to find in a world-famous spa.

Before a luxury designer starts decorating your home, they will ask you about your definition of comfort. Some of our ideas about this are usually very similar, but other factors may differ from individual to individual. Then you will find a way to include this definition in your plans. The ultimate goal is to create a design that promotes a beautiful, functional and comfortable lifestyle.

4. Luxury designers are detail-oriented

Regular interior designers focus on the overall design of the home and how to meet their clients’ expectations for the given budget. A luxurious interior designer has similar goals, but also adds functions that exceed the expectations of his customers. Luxury is often in the small details. A luxury designer looks at both the big picture and a close-up.

For example, consider your bathroom fixtures. While a normal designer might swap out the bathtub and mirror, a luxury designer will make a full assessment of the bathroom space and develop a comprehensive plan for the space. That’s not to say that a luxury designer will replace all of the features in the room, but changes to shopping malls, such as the hardware of a drawer, can vastly improve the design of your bathroom.

Small details elevate the house. Small accents like a carving on a wooden chair handle add character to your home. Although the details are often subtle, they can enhance the look of your home and add to its overall attractiveness.

5. They integrate technology

Nowadays, technology makes life a lot easier. However, integrating technology into your home design is not an easy task. Fortunately, a luxury designer has experience with it. They often work with customers who want their technology to be accessible but hidden.

Loose cables and electronics distract the eye from the beauty of a house. By hiding technology, a luxury designer can keep your technology from being the focus. You can use a closet to keep your TV out of sight or to put a charging station in a drawer.

In addition, they can introduce you to new technologies that add value to the aesthetics of your home. For example, you could suggest a smart lighting system that allows you to adjust the mood lighting.

Working with a luxury interior designer can make all the difference. Contact Whitney Bloom design to learn more.