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Ideas for garage conversions that create more living space and increase the resale value

Did you know that after one American Housing Studythat 80% of homeowners have garages, but only a small part use them for parking? This is probably not a surprise. Garages sooner or later serve as storage containers.

While in some markets garages are valued for their convenience compared to street parking. If this is not a problem in your area, remodeling your garage can add value to your property. In addition, a well-designed, functional garage conversion that matches the rest of the design of your home is generally cheaper than an add-on.

With this in mind, read our best ideas for garage remodeling to get you started.

  1. living room

Is your garage next to your kitchen? You can open the layout of your house and add more space by converting your garage into an additional living room or dining area.

Consider the plans of your home and the layout of your home. Check whether the conversion of your layout affects the flow of your house. For example, your garage may have more than two entrances that connect to another wing of your home.

  1. Office space

You may be wondering if your tight garage could be effectively converted for a car. If you consider the function of the room before you start renovating, you will find that you still have a wealth of options. In addition, an experienced contractor can make an assessment of the room and make their best recommendations.

Narrow garages can be converted into small offices, an additional guest bathroom or even a combination of both. Consider adding a skylight during the remodeling: lots of natural light makes the room feel less cramped.

  1. Entertainment room

Any home that is equipped with an entertainment room is automatically considered to be more luxurious. An entertainment room can also serve large or small families. A growing family can use it as a playroom for their children.

Young people can use it as a playroom – after all, virtual reality games take up a lot of space. Perhaps your potential buyer is collecting arcade games or is a big movie fan who would appreciate a special movie room.

  1. Art studio

Consider the city you live in and whether there is one flourishing art scene. The creation of its own art studio will attract these local buyers. Create built-in workbenches or comfortable seating.

You can even save money by using an industrial theme and keeping the concrete and metal elements of your garage. Panes of glass on the garage doors let in natural light and also add to this industrial theme.

  1. Spare bedroom

An additional bedroom is always a welcome option for homes. Save space with a sofa bed instead of a traditional bed so you can use other attractive items like a desk and built-in closet.

  1. Home gym

Focus on creating a comfortable, attractive home gym that focuses on functionality. This includes a small bathroom, flat screen TV, wall-length mirrors and of course air conditioning.

If you have any fitness equipment lying around in the house, this affects the perspective of potential buyers on your property. This is because brokers often recommend that each room should have a specific function. Fitness equipment in your living room or tucked away in the corner of the dining room will make your home appear cramped and messy.

  1. Vanity

Create a comfortable, well-lit room dedicated to beauty. Vanity tops can be built with built-in vanities, comfortable seating, and additional storage space for clothes and makeup. This is a great option for small one-car garages, as it doesn’t take up much space to create a comfortable vanity space that has the bare essentials.

  1. Short term rent

Mitigating your mortgage through rent payments is a smart way to attract buyers, especially if you live in an area with many nearby desirable amenities, such as beach access or a populous downtown area. This is a great option for larger double garages. Create a chic, functional and comfortable Space for vacationers with a mini house that mimics a studio space.

  1. Mudroom / utility room

Spacious utility rooms appeal to large families who have to deal with multiple laundry loads, messy children or additional storage space. Make sure you have plenty of space on the worktop to put items in and out or fold laundry on the way. Spacious fixtures in which cleaning products, winter clothing and even garden tools can be stored offer additional value.

A mud room is especially useful if your home has a pool. People have their own space to keep their wet clothes or even take a shower before entering the house.

  1. Lounge and bar

Shoppers who frequently entertain find a special space for entertaining, lounging and drinking particularly attractive. Including built-in shelves for storing liquor and a large work surface that can be loaded with groceries or a game of cards, add versatility.

Ideas for garage conversions: more ideas than you think

There are numerous ideas for garage conversions available to you. No matter which idea you choose, make sure that the conversion is well designed so that a seamless transition from your converted garage to the rest of the house is possible.

If the space turns out to be a garage earlier, it could affect your property value.

Would you like more ideas on how to add value to your home? Read our blog for more insightful tips on renovating and remodeling your property.