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Using a small bathroom vanity efficiently

Adding vanities can actually make a small bathroom look bigger. Often individuals have no other choice but to install a bathroom vanity in a small bathroom which takes a lot of space. However a small bathroom vanity can make a small bathroom look spacy if used properly and efficiently.

Some of the tips that can be used to make small bathrooms look larger are as follows. First of all it is extremely essential to install a small bathroom vanity that has a built in storage in it to help us keep stuff especially bathroom products inside. If the storage is not built in then an extra cabinet can be added to the small bathroom wall. This will leave extra space on the floor. Another way to use a small bathroom vanity effectively is to store bathroom items in a basket or to install additional drawers to keep towels and other bathroom items off the bathroom vanity.

Designating a special draw for keeping hair products is another way to clean up the mess and to help make a small bathroom look bigger. Also to look for bathroom accessories that have clean lines and to avoid those which are overly designed and decorative. Simple and sophisticated designs help add an airy feeling to the small bathrooms.

However the most important thing is to install large mirrors with bright lights to provide with the illusion of space. Also decorating the small bathroom vanity with overhead lights and mirrors.