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How rubbing alcohol can help clean your home

Alcohol can be a great product for cleaning and disinfecting your home. Not only does it kill germs, it also removes dirt and grime.

But what exactly is alcohol?

First of all, it is important to note that this is not your normal alcohol. So if you’re thinking about using it in cocktails, it’s time to shun the idea.

Alcohol is also referred to as surgical alcohol in the UK and Ireland. It is a solvent that can dissolve both oils and dirt. It is this feature that makes it such an effective household cleaner and disinfectant, and a great hack for cleaning your home.

Cleaning properties of alcohol

Let’s look at how alcohol can help clean your house.

  1. It is a solvent.

Alcohol is a solvent. This makes it effective in dissolving dirt. Because of this, it can help make surfaces in your home flawless.

You can also use it in the bathroom, for example, to remove the oils and dirt that get onto the tiles and mirrors when applying hair products. These can cause stains on surfaces that can look very uncomfortable. Fortunately, rubbing alcohol is a cheap and effective way to restore the bright new look of mirrors and tiles.

  1. It is a disinfectant.

Alcohol is very effective in killing germs and other harmful pathogens. This makes it a great solution for disinfecting surfaces that get a lot of contact at home and should be a good reason to find out where to buy Alcohol rub uk.

Germs are a major cause of disease and it is always a good idea to have a disinfectant. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on brand disinfectants. You can just use alcohol.

The great thing is that alcohol also evaporates and dries out quickly, so you don’t have to worry about residues after use.

How rubbing alcohol helps clean the house

Some of the following give you an idea that alcohol is the great helper you always needed to clean your home

  1. Clean the sink

Do you want to make the bathroom and Kitchen sinks look sexy?

How about making them glow and sparkle with alcohol?

Alcohol can also be so effective in removing oils and dirt that the sinks look brand new. Simply spray alcohol on a sponge and polish the sink. You will love the result!

  1. Clean dishes

An important useful function of cleaning alcohol is cleaning dishes.

Thanks to the fact that it is very effective in removing oils. So you can also use it to clean spoons and stainless steel knives.

  1. Cleaning sponges and kitchen towels

Many people don’t know how dirty kitchen cleaning materials like sponges and kitchen towels can be. A look under the microscope is enough to change your views forever.

We won’t go into details for fear of scolding you. The main point, however, is that alcohol has been proven to be an effective means of cleaning sponges and kitchen towels.

Simply spray alcohol on the sponge until it is saturated and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then rinse it out, this should destroy the bacteria and pathogens that have made them their home.

  1. Remove stains from clothing

If some of your clothes have ink stains and you’ve tried every option to keep from removing them.

It will be surprising to know that rubbing alcohol can help you with this difficulty.

Simply soak the soaked area in alcohol for a few minutes and then wash your clothes.

  1. Prevent frost on car windows

This is intended for people who live in cold climates and who regularly experience pain when they remove frost or scratch ice from car windows. It can be a real nightmare as it is difficult to see outside while driving. As a result, an accident can occur.

While it is easy to believe that the solution to this problem would involve an expensive product, the truth is that if you rub alcohol only, you can prevent windows from developing frostbite.

Simply mix one part of alcohol with five parts of water and rub the windows with a soft sponge.

Also note that you need to repeat this at least once a week for it to be effective.

Final thoughts

Alcohol can appear like a simple everyday product with a specific function. However, there is an endless list of how alcohol can be used in the home to make everything clean and sanitized. In addition, it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Therefore, alcohol can be your reliable companion for all cleaning purposes.