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How to choose the best dressers and dressers

Chests of drawers and chests are pieces of furniture that give our bedrooms a stylish element. In addition, they also function as amazing storage spaces, so people can easily tidy up their rooms.

The difference between a chest of drawers and a chest of drawers

Since both chests of drawers and chests provide storage space for clothing and other important items, they vary slightly. Chests of drawers are usually low and wide and therefore take up little space in a room. You can hold three to six draws with considerable depth. In addition, you can also put a mirror over it that can help you get dressed. On the other hand, a chest of drawers is usually larger and narrower than chest of drawers and holds about six drawers on a single frame. Check out this blog to get more details about these pieces of furniture.

If you’re having trouble choosing the specific chest of drawers or chest that perfectly matches your bedroom theme, here’s a detailed guide to help you make your decision.

Color consideration

Chests of drawers come in many colors and shades, so you don’t have to worry about finding one that fits your bedroom. White, brown, gray and beige are some of the colors that go with many home themes. Therefore, it would be a safe game to choose a piece of furniture that has one of these colors.


After choosing a specific color, other elements such as handles, patterns and the type of legs should also be examined to ensure that the tiny details match the general theme of the room. You should also consider the specific item that will be placed on the dresser, e.g. B. a flower vase or a lampshade.


Another important aspect to consider is the size of your dresser. Since there are a variety of dressers on the market, it is fairly easy to choose one whose dimensions match the size of your room. If you want to fill small rooms, you should definitely try the different small chests of drawers, which are perfect for storing ornaments such as jewelry. Larger chests of drawers are more suitable if you want to fill large rooms in one room.

Storage requirements

It is worth noting that a good chest of drawers should serve as a decoration and not only serve a specific purpose in your home. Small items such as intimates, socks and jewelry require smaller storage options. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to purchase a small chest of drawers. On the other hand, chests of drawers with large storage capacities are more suitable for bulky clothes. In this case, a double chest of drawers would be the perfect option.


When it comes to price, the cost of a dresser is usually lower than that of dressers. However, it is not valid to buy a certain piece of furniture just because of its cost. You also have to consider the functional aspect. If you are looking for something that has enough space for general storage, a chest will definitely help you.

Building material

The type of material used to build a chest of drawers usually affects both price and quality. If you choose a piece of mahogany furniture, you will dig deeper into your pockets, while the oak furniture is offered at moderate prices. Since chests of drawers and chests are not furniture that you buy often, it is advisable to buy something that lasts a long time.

Examples of dressers and chest

South Shore Vito Collection double chest of 6 drawers

This piece of furniture made of CARB-compliant materials comes with a decorative step plate. Available in a range of catchy colors, including black, maple, cherry and chocolate, it offers a variety of options that perfectly match a variety of themes.

Pre-packaging Black Sonoma Drawer Dresser

This elegant looking piece of furniture is equipped with six drawers that offer plenty of space. Not only does it have beautiful brushed nickel buttons, but it also has nylon gliders that ensure smooth operation.

South Shore Libra Collection 3-drawer chest

This simple but brilliant looking chest is best suited for homes with a minimalist theme. It has three drawers that are integrated in polymer glides, making the operation of the drawers elegant and effortless. The furniture is also durable as it is made from CARB compliant wood composite, which means it can be used safely. A lovable thing about this special chest is that it is very cheap.