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How to sharpen a polar saw chain |  A total beginner’s guide

Pole saw chain is one indispensable tool for your gardening Tasks like cutting limbs or pruning trees to keep them in shape. It is made of metal and, like other metal tools, rusts too easily. If you have not used your pole saw for a few days, it may have lost its sharpness and become completely unusable.

I wonder, how to sharpen a pole saw chain? Or do you want to go to a professional to sharpen the blade?

Well, wait!

You don’t have to go to a professional. Blade sharpening is not a rocket science you cannot do yourself. Trust me, it’s super easy and after a few quick and easy steps you can have your blade work like new.

Here I’ve brought out all the hacks you should learn to sharpen at home. Follow me to learn the process of sharpening the saw chain.

How to sharpen a polar saw chain: Step by step instructions

Step 1: remove the dirt

You need a clean pole saw before starting the process. Take a brush wire and clean the blades of dust and tree debris. Make sure there is not a little dust on it. You may have used fat on it before and now some oil can accumulate. You should clean that up too. This is a crucial step with which you can easily sharpen your saw blade.

Step 2: clamp it in place

Now you need to clamp the saw blade on a surface, usually a table or vice. If you want to sharpen the blade, put the serrated edge up. Make sure the clamp is tight. This step is important for security reasons. If the blade somehow comes off the vise, it hurts you. So be careful with this step.

Step 3: file the saw blade

Use a small and round metal file to sharpen the saw blade. Look closely at the saw blade, you will notice that the saw has two edges – a rounded edge and a straight edge. This small metal file can only be used with rounded edges. Slide the file in a direction opposite to your body. Keep the direction in which the file is only moved in one direction. Try to keep a constant pace and move the file with even force. Be careful with it, otherwise you can cut your fingers.

Step 4: file the beveled blade

Now it’s time to file the beveled blade. Take another metal file. This time press the blade differently. Place the file at a 45 degree angle to the edge and slide it away from your body. Maintain a steady pace and direction. Do not move the file back and forth as this will make the blade dull. You should watch the process closely if you don’t want to cut fingers or hands.

Step 5: grease the blade

If you want your blade to be sharper, this step is a must. With a little grease oil, your pole would look like new and work more smoothly. Use dry lubricant based on Teflon and apply it evenly to the blade. This prevents the edges of the saw from rusting. With this simple task, your pole saw works three times quieter than before.

Tips for sharpening the chainsaw

  • The file must fit in the grooves of the saw blade. Always use the correct file type. If the file is the wrong size, the blade will be destroyed.
  • Maintain a steady pace and angle when sharpening. This helps to make the blade really sharp.
  • Make sure you’ve sharpened every edge. If not all edges are sharpened, you will have difficulty cutting or cutting tree trunks and trees with the blade.
  • Regular maintenance of the polar saw is important. Do not push on in damp locations. Store it in a dry place.
  • Spray fat on the pole saw. It prevents it from rusting too quickly. This is helpful to also smooth cutting and trimming.
  • Always keep an eye on the saw sharpener. If you lose focus while working, the file can slip off your hand and cause an accident. Be careful to ensure your safety.

How often can a chain saw chain be sharpened?

This number can vary. It all depends on a few factors, such as the type of wood and the type of material you are cutting with the bar saw. Things like dirt are terrible for the blades and quickly make them dull. Regular maintenance also plays an important role. If you routinely check your pole saw and use grease, you will need to sharpen the saw the least. Depending on this factor, it can be sharpened a maximum of three to five times.

From a professional point of view, hand sharpening is not quite sharpening, but mending. So if you want your pole saw to be serviced for a longer period of time, seek professional service to sharpen it.


How do you sharpen a Stihl pole saw chain?

Start with the opposite side. Place the file in the groove of the saw at an angle of 30 degrees. Hold it at a 90 degree angle to the guide rail. Use the entire length of the file and apply full pressure from your body. A maximum of two or three strokes are sufficient. After completing one side, repeat the same step for the other side of the chain.

How do you sharpen a pole saw?

I use a round file to sharpen my pole saw. First I clean it of dirt. After I clamped it on a vise, I put the file on the teeth of the saw. I usually do 5 to 7 hits in one direction. This is quite enough to make it sharp.

How do you sharpen a chainsaw chain?

For a chainsaw chain I use the file recommended in the manual. I put it on the teeth of the chainsaw in a ratio of 80/20, with 80% in the groove and 20% above. The correct angle of the file is 25 degrees.

When I keep the file flat, I make nice, even strokes through the file. I repeat the process in a loop until I do the same with all teeth. Then I use a flat file with a depth gauge to remove the extra part of the metal from the top of the tooth.

At what angle do you sharpen a chain saw chain?

If you use the chainsaw to cut wood, the recommended angle is 25 to 35 degrees. On the contrary, if you tear the grain, you should use a 10 degree sharpened chain.

Final judgment:

This article is the best self-help guide you need to fully sharpen your pole saw yourself. Try to follow every step of the above. If you still think it’s not easy, try to follow the tips I gave.

These tips definitely save time and the complexity of your task. If you find that the polar saw does not work well after careful sharpening, its duration may be lost. In this case, go with a newer one. In my experience, a Homelite gas pole saw or a Homelite pole saw chain. It will be a good choice.

Have fun sharpening, honey!