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How to pick LED lights for home?

The entire world has started switching to LEDs owing to their cost-effectiveness and impressive lifespan. There are several varieties of LEDs and it requires time to pick the right LED lights for home. Before heading to the store to pick one, it is vital to consider few things.

  1. Learn the basics

While purchasing lights people look at the wattage thinking that it would give an idea about the brightness. LEDs are little different. Wattage hints the power consumed by a device. There exists a correlation between brightness and wattage in case of incandescent lights.  This isn’t the case with an LED device. LED devices come with a different term called lumens that hint about the brightness of led lights.

  1. Consider the color option as per your home requirements

Incandescent lights offer a yellowish, warm hue. However, LEDs are available in a wide range of colors. While picking LED lights for home, it is vital to choose a shade based on the place being used. Soft white warm white are popular LED colors.

  1. Few LEDs are pricey

LEDs are pricey though they are cheaper in operations. These should be considered as an investment. With increase in the competition, the prices have come down these days.

  1. Decide the placement area before purchase

While purchasing LED lights for home, it is vital to ensure you place it appropriately so that the bulb doesn’t give away before its expiry period. It is vital to consider proper placement of LED bulbs. Shop for LEDs that have been approved for enclosed or recessed spaces, if you have semi or fully enclosed fixtures.