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Sensational Stone Fireplaces To Warm Your Senses

A stone fireplace can greatly enhance the design aesthetic of any home, exuding a rustic elegance that gives your space a warm and extremely cozy feel. It will inevitably be the focal point of any room, be a work of art in itself and serve as a wonderful decorative element. Stone fireplaces can look stunning with any design style, but achieve their greatest success in a comfortable log cabin.

These fireplaces can be designed from floor to ceiling for a more finished and sophisticated look…not to mention they are very eye-catching! A mantel is typically made of wood or reclaimed wood for a rustic look (giving the stone a nice visual impact) and can be used just for display or to add decorative items such as a mirror, candlesticks, vases or a piece of art. Not only do you use artwork to help anchor your space, but you can also get color inspiration so that the painting decorates the surrounding interiors.

If you have white walls, a stone fireplace can help break up the austerity. If you plan to build with stone, consider building into the space for greater visual impact and an older look. There is a wide range of stones to choose from, be it limestone, cobblestones, slate, granite blocks, cultured river rock (a man-made material that is lighter and much easier to lay than natural stone), concrete blocks (perfect for…). a more modern fireplace) or even a stone veneer.