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Top 10 best apartment complexes in NJ

Top 10 best apartment complexes in NJ

The state of New Jersey occupies the area of ​​a picturesque peninsula; It is considered to be one of the most picturesque and contrasting states in the country. There are large industrial cities, attractive tourist areas and amazingly beautiful natural areas. Check out the top 10 best Apartment complexes in the NJ List to make your life brighter.

Best neighborhoods, deals and more for tenants and buyers

The best is different for each concept. Therefore, set yourself certain criteria that are decisive for you. Then use it to find the option you want at New houses on iNew-Homes.

If you want to be at the center of all news in the city, choose Houses in the Center.

What kind of buildings are there in Jersey City?

The Jersey City Center is enriched with tall buildings that are more than 6 stories high. However, there are few such buildings by law, but they still exist. The real estate market is represented by various townhouses and the Jersey City apartment complex for a pleasant stay. Detached houses are located further outside the city center in areas such as Bergen / Lafayette, Heights and Greenville. According to statistics, over 25 townhouses sold more than 10 houses in 2018.

The real estate market shows a stylish trend for the year. Last year, however, there was a decline in sales compared to the previous year.

Think wide when choosing a neighborhood

Before choosing a neighborhood of Apartment complexes Jersey City, NJyou need to clearly understand what is important to you. For example, the proximity to the workplace or the accessibility to transport stops or other things. Everything is purely individual. The districts are very different, each with its own characteristics. Consider a few areas.

Bergen / Lafayette

This area is famous for its natural landscape. inhabitant of complex apartments in New Jersey You can visit Liberty State Park at any time and enjoy the park. In this area you will find a low-rise boutique complex built for a comfortable stay. District residents have access to PATH station.

Diary square

This area is famous for its noisy atmosphere and history. Residents of the district can use the PATH station to get to the desired part of the city. And those who work in New York can use the buses that take you to the city.

The heights

A developed district in which a modern person can get the best out of his life. There are various companies here that are willing to offer vacancies to residents. Residents can also easily reach the desired part of the city using the PATH train station and buses.


The southern part of the city, which is considered a family part. In the area you will find family houses. It has all the infrastructure a family needs. The area is safe, there is a high level of learning. Although the district is evolving, further development is planned in the future.

Paul Hook

This area is considered the most expensive among the previous ones. The price increase is linked to the location because the area is near the promenade. The New Jersey coast is ideal for a comfortable stay, all local beaches are very warm and calm. A significant portion of the local beaches are family-friendly; Local resorts are famous for numerous entertainment venues and leisure centers. Family houses and boutique complexes offer incredible views.

If you want luxury, go downtown

NJ is famous for its luxury and comfort. However, pay attention to downtown and waterfront accommodation to enjoy the full range of luxury. In these areas, incredible tower structures have been built, from which unique landscapes open up. Various multifunctional complexes on the water offer accommodation in luxurious and comfortable conditions.

If you want to get luxury accommodation, pay attention Hamilton Cove Weehawken in New Jersey, the Ashton in Jersey City.

List of the best apartment complexes in NJ

The accommodation in comfortable and luxurious conditions takes place through multifunctional complexes. Check the list of Best apartment complexes in NJ.


This complex was built in 2017. From a distance, this structure appears completely made of glass, since all 47 floors of the building are represented by a large amount of glass. Imagine the view that opens from the roof of this building.

90 Columbus

Another luxurious building that surprises with its elegance and chic. The building has 51 floors and offers its residents a wide range of services for a comfortable stay. The building is close to various places of recreation and entertainment, so it is always interesting and fun.

Columbus collection

This is a project whose aim is to do everything for a comfortable stay for the customers. There is everything you need to make a person feel good.