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Succulent Garden Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Oasis

You may be wondering how creative you can be with a garden. It’s just a garden! No it’s not. Your garden is an expression of your personality. Just as you pay attention to color and shape when decorating your home, you should also pay attention to detail when designing your garden.

Even if you don’t have all day to tend a garden and are looking for something that requires little maintenance, a succulent garden is the perfect choice and there are many ways to style your garden. Have you asked for succulent garden ideas? Your order is coming soon.

Succulent Waterfall
This is a simple arrangement of a solid color succulent plant. A terracotta planter, which you most likely already own, can be used. However, if you don’t already have one, you may want to purchase a planter designed for this purpose. One side of the special planter is flat so when in the normal position it looks like it has been tipped over. Set your planter in the “upended” position and plant your succulents in it. You also need to plant a large number of them on the ground to create the illusion of flowing water. It’s easy to design and inexpensive.

Hanging succulentsThe chirping of birds can be very soothing, but having a pet bird is not exactly low-maintenance. Get out the birdcage, hang it up and we’ll tell you what to do to make it come close. You can grow your succulents in and out in the hanging birdcage. It would be great for your patio entryway or porch overlooking the rest of your yard.

A box of rainbows
A colorful arrangement is always a real eye-catcher. You can DIY a rainbow box and make it the center of attention the next time you invite people over for tea or drinks. Get a wooden planter in a square or rectangular shape and carefully select succulents of different colors. Our pro tip is to pick the colors of the rainbow. While it’s fine to only plant succulents in your box, you may want to add an additional broad-leaved plant or two for a change.