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Corner Storage Ideas that will Help You Maximize Your Space

When you look into the corners of a room, there is a lot of space waiting to be used. Many corner storage ideas can be implemented using tools and hanging brackets. Some of them require more planning, such as the built-in kitchen cabinets. When renovating your kitchen, use these tips to maximize your storage space.

You’ll love having new storage spaces to help you organize your home. With creativity, you can find inventive ways to store virtually anything. Items that can be stored in your new storage spaces include books, toys, stuffed animals, wine, and pantry items. Use the vertical space on your walls to increase storage space and place shelves in the corner so they’re out of the way. You can even build new kitchen seating areas with under-bench storage.

These corner storage ideas will help you look at your living space differently. Look around your home and find corners where you can place shelves or furniture. Your home will be cleaner and more organized, with interesting new accents for your rooms.

01. Build a shelf next to the door

Build a shelf next to the door


If there isn’t enough storage space in a room, we can create some. This corner cabinet idea is a simple but very practical DIY project. These floating corner shelves are perfect for adding storage space to an otherwise unusable wall area. A few wooden boards, nails, and a wood stain are all it takes to bring this project to life. Then add additional books or beautiful vases to the shelves to create an amazing look.

02. Benches with pull-out baskets

Benches with pull-out baskets


What could be more stylish and functional than this beautiful corner seating area? This corner seating area with pull-out baskets is a great way to add comfortable seating, style and practical storage to any room. The design is 100% customizable to fit the style of any room. Add some pillows to complete the look.

03. Build a cage for stuffed animals

Build a cage for stuffed animals


A stuffed animal cage is a great idea for keeping your child’s stuffed animals organized and off the floor, especially if they have a lot of them and they occasionally end up all over the floor. The cage is adorable, helpful and great for maintaining order in your child’s room. Plus, it seems pretty easy to make this corner cage. Wood, nails, and a stretchy elastic cord are all you need. What can be better?

04. Drawers specifically for the corners

Drawers specifically for the corners


These kitchen drawers, specially made for corners, are ideal for creating more space in the corner cupboard. A custom corner cabinet will give your kitchen design a unique look. Natural wood doors, soft-close hinges, adjustable shelves and modern hardware ensure everything fits together and functions properly.

05. Wall shelf for the bedroom

Wall shelf for the bedroom


Do you sometimes stay up late at night, bored and unable to sleep? This corner wall shelf for the bedroom is an excellent way to store books for nighttime reading. Alternatively, it offers a great little decorative exhibition space. In any case, they are easy to make and super functional.

06. Wine rack that fits your space

Wine rack that fits your space


Don’t like the look of the wine on display? Utilize every inch of your corner space by placing your wine bottles on one of these corner wine racks. Choose a location protected from direct sunlight, heat sources, and kitchen appliances. Storing the wine in a place with a generally constant temperature is essential to its quality.

07. Corner shelf made from a reclaimed door

Corner shelf made from a reclaimed door


I love this chic farmhouse look. It’s always a good idea to reuse whatever you were about to throw away and turn it into something useful, like a practical piece of furniture. This door shelf has a beautiful design that offers you storage space for your belongings and adds a beautiful finishing touch to any area. In addition, the corner door shelf is a fantastic display piece.

08. Storage bench with wall hooks

Storage bench with wall hooks


This simple storage bench and matching shelf might be just the thing for you if your foyer is cluttered with shoes, coats, handbags, and book bags. They give all that stuff a tidy home with shelves and coat hooks. Even if you keep your foyer cheerful and organized, these fashionable pieces will spruce it up and provide a comfortable bench to sit on while you put on your shoes. This is a fantastic addition to any entryway.

09. Put your oven in the corner

Put your oven in the corner


No one puts “baby in the corner,” but you can put your oven in the corner. This unique style choice gives your kitchen a different look. Although corners are sometimes neglected, they could be excellent locations. An oven in the corner makes a statement in the kitchen. In addition, this corner cabinet is ideal for storing pots, pans and other cooking utensils.

10. New storage areas for stuffed animals

New storage areas for stuffed animals


Storing our children’s stuffed animals is necessary to keep our sanity. Usually, over the years, stuffed animals gather to form a whole community of stuffed animals. To create these unique shelves, attach wire plant baskets to the wall. This is very easy and creates space. It’s also fun to look at in the children’s room.

11. Modern cube wall shelves on one corner

Modern cube wall shelves on a corner


This corner cabinet gives any room an elegant look. The asymmetrical floating shelves of this cube shelf stylishly accentuate any decor. Not only does it look cool and modern, but it is also an excellent way to store or display small items. This is sure to impress family and friends.

12. Practical bench for the shower

Practical bench for the shower


This stool is great for anyone looking for a place to sit while exfoliating, shaving their legs, or simply relaxing in the hot water after a long, tiring day. This corner bench is super cute, space-saving, and naturally resistant to water damage and mold. I say it’s a winner!

13. Lazy Susan under the cabinet

Lazy Susan under the cupboard


The Lazy Susan is perhaps the most famous and distinctive kitchen tool creation. But the Lazy Susan under a cabinet in a corner is a practical and dynamic way to store additional kitchen essentials like spices, oils, and condiments. I love this design’s ability to eliminate clutter on countertops.

14. White china cabinet in the corner

White porcelain cabinet in the corner


Are you ready to transform something old and boring into something new and chic? This DIY project is easy and the results are stunning. A bit of hard sanding and a few coats of paint transform this old porcelain cupboard into a beautiful dream country house living space. The China corner cabinet fits seamlessly into corner spaces and offers additional storage space. The crystal buttons add a special touch.

15. Cute coffee center in the corner

Cute coffee center in the corner


What could be better than waking up at that cute corner coffee center? This DIY coffee center beautifully arranges and organizes your coffee bar. The beautiful country-style decor makes this project an experience. In addition, the corner shelves make it ideal for using more storage space.

16. Reclaimed Wall Mounted Corner Crates

Reclaimed wall mounted corner boxes


These reclaimed wooden boxes are basically a brilliant idea to save space. Not only do you recycle, but you also use space that would otherwise go unused. The boxes are a great size and are perfect for storing multiple items. Place it anywhere in your home where you need more storage space.

17. Place trash cans under cabinets

Place trash cans under cabinets


Do you have hyperactive, annoying pets? A great idea to prevent your pets from playing around with your trash cans is to store the trash cans under the cabinets. Additionally, trash cans hidden under cabinets can keep clutter, odors, and occasionally the unsightly appearance of the trash cans out of sight.

18. Large and graceful framed bookcase

Large and graceful framed bookcase


This shelf breaks the classic bookcase design and brings a traditional yet modern style to your home. This bookcase can be used as a decoration stand, creating a trendy and tidy look in the living room. Due to its enormous height and corner dimensions, this device is an excellent space saver.

19. Ingenious triangular shelf for keys

Ingenious triangular key holder


This shelf can be a huge improvement to your interior design. Imagine looking at this beautiful, ingenious triangular shelf every time you enter your front entrance. You’ll love how this unusual shelf also ensures you don’t lose your keys. This will look amazing in your foyer, hallway, kitchen or anywhere. The hooks are perfect for hanging handbags or other items.

20. Beautiful shelf to display your books

Nice shelf to display your books


Traditional bookshelves are beautiful. However, floating bookcases are beautiful, clever, stylish and a great way to display your books, especially if they are corner shelves. These shelves are great for DIY weekend projects. Additionally, you can find all materials at your local hardware store. Finally, I like that the storage is functional and frees up space in your home.

21. Kitchen cabinets with cute drawer pulls

Kitchen cabinets with cute drawer handles


How unique are these kitchen cabinets with cute drawer handles? Managing corners can be difficult, so corner kitchen cabinets come in handy. A corner cabinet looks great in modern and elegant environments. We also like the look of attaching a corner kitchen cabinet to the worktop as an alternative.

22. Wall shelves for the baby room

Wall shelves for the children's room


Wall shelves in the children’s room are a charming way to add a special touch to the children’s room. You can hang various entertaining items on your shelves to add extra appeal. For example, you could include your child’s pictures in a collection of frames, books, artwork, and more. These adorable little items deserve to be seen.

23. Lazy Susans in the pantry

Lazy Susans in the pantry


Lazy Susans in the Pantry has revolutionized the way we organize. Gone are the days of reaching for the items you need. Lazy Susans allow rotation to bring the item to you. They are perfect for staying organized and saving space. They are ideal for saving space and staying organized. A Lazy Susan is a pantry staple that everyone enjoys.

24. Angled end cabinet for equipment

Angled end cabinet for equipment


Cabinets with angled ends are great when space is limited. This type of corner cabinet offers more space for storing devices thanks to its angle. Additionally, they are aesthetically pleasing and make better use of construction space to improve traffic flow.

25. Open closet for the kitchen

Open closet for the kitchen


Open closets are currently enjoying great popularity for good reason. Give your kitchen a light, airy feel and place items you use regularly nearby. They are stylish, easy to assemble and can make a difference in your kitchen.

26. Design your breakfast nook with storage

Design your breakfast nook with storage space


Do you have extra space in your kitchen or dining area? Why not design your breakfast nook with storage space? Designing your breakfast nook is a fantastic way to add seating and storage to your home. This could be accomplished over the weekend with a few nails, 2x4s, plywood, stylish pillows, and paint. This can be a great project that will make you feel successful and satisfied.

27. Keep your shower supplies handy

Keep your shower supplies handy


Keep your shower essentials close at hand with these corner shower shelves. You can use your shower stall if you are looking for shower room options that maximize vertical space. With this integrated shower storage solution, there’s no more tripping over half-empty shampoo and shower gel bottles. Therefore, all your products will be stored neatly and organized. You can make these shelves yourself.

28. Bathroom corner storage idea

Corner storage idea for the bathroom


The DIY corner cabinet is an essential part of your bathroom. With a visit to your hardware store and a little woodworking, you’ll have this piece in your bathroom in no time. Ideal for storing bathroom essentials such as towels, tissue rolls, hair accessories or other items. You can customize it to match the decor and design of your room.

29. Tall bookshelves on the wall

Tall bookshelves on the wall


A tall wall shelf is an excellent option if you are looking for a place to display your treasures or if you want to add more storage space to your home. These shelves are ideal for displaying pictures, souvenirs, books and other items that need to be visible. In addition, the height can attract your attention and place some extraordinary things on the shelves to make a statement.

30. An office that maximizes your space

An office that maximizes your space


Corner offices are unique because they utilize every available space. If your desk is U- or L-shaped, a corner setup will provide more work space on each side of your workspace. This can lead to greater productivity and comfort. Add your favorite decor, pops of color and fresh flowers to spice it up.

31. Cabinet with vertical opening door

Cabinet with vertically opening door


The vertical corner cabinet ensures that items you want to hide are not visible. The easy-access front doors also ensure easy access to the items inside. Functional and innovative, it’s great for adding extra storage space to an otherwise small area.

32. Modern cabinet for the kitchen

Modern cupboard for the kitchen


Modern kitchen cabinets are simple and practical, making use of both vertical and horizontal space. Items are stored and buried out of sight, giving the area a tidy look. In addition, corner cabinets guarantee that every square centimeter is used.

33. Corner pantry storage idea

Corner storage idea for the pantry


This beautifully organized corner cabinet storage chamber is exceptional. The open shelves allow for effortless access to your favorite items. The corner space offers more storage space and the different shelf levels allow you to store numerous storage items. It’s a beauty.

34. Keep small stuffed animals tidy

Keep small stuffed animals tidy


Store small stuffed animals neatly with this tall, vertical corner shelf system. It’s fantastic for all the little stuffed animals won at carnivals and games. Easy to assemble and efficient for storing many stuffed animals. Your child’s room stays tidier.

35. Create your 3D shelf

Create your 3D shelf


Do you want an attractive piece in your home? These amazing solid wood 3D wooden blocks are a great accent to your interior design. These wooden blocks allow you to create custom wall shelves while incorporating the fantastic texture and natural beauty of wood into your home design. It is eye-catching and allows storage in the corner cupboard. A small space will benefit from corner shelves.

36. Practical shelves for the bathroom

Practical shelves for the bathroom


These rustic corner shelves provide the extra storage space needed in a small bathroom. Easy to make and customize. Don’t forget to add hooks to increase functionality. Find the wood of your choice (or scrap wood lying around), take the measurements, design it, and enjoy the extra space. Additionally, you can add as many shelves as you want depending on your bathroom needs.

37. Excellent new wall shelves for plants

Excellent new wall shelves for plants


Thanks to plants on shelves, the decor of your home can change significantly. No longer wandering across the floor where they can easily be damaged and tripped, delicate leaves can instead be laid out on shelves to create a beautiful, off-the-floor display that will be constantly praised. You can purchase stylish plant stands to fit any budget and available space, or you can DIY them yourself. The sky is the limit.

38. Entryway storage ideas

Entryway storage ideas


You may need to build this freestanding storage cabinet with compartments and hooks if your foyer serves as storage for shoes, jackets, and everything in between. This excellent storage unit offers open space at the bottom for shoes, compartments and hooks for attaching jackets, hats and gloves. The corner cabinet is an excellent addition to your home.