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Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

Homeowners don’t really have fun mowing their lawn because your garden may have uncomfortable corners or other items that are difficult to move. However, if you choose a small lawn mower, you may be able to deal with all kinds of difficult situations and convince yourself that in the end it will not be that difficult.

Three things to consider when choosing a lawnmower

Choosing your mower is quite difficult, so knowing what features you need before making a purchase is important. It is impossible to analyze all functions, but you can surely observe which ones stand out more than others.

Push vs. Self-driving

Push mowers can be used anywhere and run as long as you have enough muscle to push the weight. New models are easy to use and not as difficult as you would think when you work with them. A small lawn mower is also an example. But if you have a large garden, they may not be the right ones.

A self-driving model can be a better choice. In this case, they have different speeds to choose from and move at a speed between 1 and 3 mph.

How it is powered

One of the most common types of lawnmowers is gas or electricity. They are considered the best lawnmowers for small and large yards, but are rather noisy.

A small electric lawnmower is certainly quieter. The electric ones have low emissions and can work just as well as the others, but they have a limited life and need to be charged.

Usage costs

There are no big costs for a small lawnmower. Although the price of gasoline is rising and people are becoming more and more aware of carbon emissions in addition to fuel costs, there is also a focus on environmental costs.

However, there are other options that are suitable for most lawns. One who chooses the electrical side will always be better for the environment as a choice. They are becoming increasingly popular and since they do not harm the environment, there is a good chance that they will be used frequently.

What you should be aware of is that the battery of a small electric lawnmower must be properly disposed of or recycled at the end of its life. Electric mowers have few maintenance needs and a great advantage of an electric mower is that it is much quieter than a comparable gas powered mower.

Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

Do you need a small lawn mower? Here is a list of 15 small lawn mower models to choose from and ideal for the work you need to do with them. Try them out and see for yourself.

Push the cylinder mower

American lawn mower, reel mower

lw1 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

The American Lawn Mower Company has been developing small lawnmower models for people for more than a century. They haven’t changed that much in terms of design, so you get a classic feel when you get one of them.

Nevertheless, adjustments have been made in recent years and we have to take modern mowers into account.

Great States 415-16 lawn mower

lw1-1 Small lawnmower options you can buy online

The T-shaped handles you can see on this mower are comfortable and you shouldn’t have any trouble picking it up and getting your work done. With no fuel or additional elements required for the function, you should expect excellent results from the five strong knives that are fitted between the cutting wheel.

You don’t have to press it slowly to keep up with what it cuts, so it can certainly be an ideal choice.

Scott’s 2000-20 Classic Push Reel

lw1 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This classic mower is clean and quiet and can do a great job with the lawn. Being a small lawnmower means that it fits into difficult spaces and is sure to get the whole lawn ready.

Fiskars 17 inch staysharp push reel lawn

lw1-2 Small lawnmower options you can buy online

If you check this mower’s plastic base, you may think it’s a fuel powered one. In fact, this is a mower that works great at all times. Because of its cover, it is also safer than most of them and prevents paws or small hands from finding their way between the blades.

Black + Decker Mtc220

lw1-3 Small lawnmower options you can buy online This three-in-one lawn mower is a great model that can handle edges, especially if you have a smaller garden with tight spaces. It has an automatic feed system that you can use to keep it going no matter what happens to it until you close it. It has a pretty powerful motor for such a small lawn mower, but don’t worry, the performance will help you a lot.

The cool thing is that you can remove the wheel and turn the handle in a separate trimmer. This allows you to manually finish areas that may have been overlooked in regular mowing mode.

Corded walk-on lawn mowers

This type of model can be found with different designs and features. Depending on your budget, you may find more complex or easier ones.

The challenge with using a cable mower is to figure out how best to maneuver it without having to constantly adjust the power cord. After you understand that you shouldn’t have any problems.

Greenworks 16-inch 10 amp lawnmower

lw1-4 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This lawn mower is ideal if you want a good lawn cutting experience. It is delivered with a practical pocket on the back, in which clippings are collected on the way. What is really impressive is that you can also use a bag for unloading from behind and for mulching.

Yard Machines FWD lawn mowers

lw1-1 Small lawnmower options you can buy online

If you want a simple mini lawn mower, this machine is a good choice. It is strong and reliable. If you are powered by a front-wheel drive gas engine, you will get the job faster. Ideal for small to medium sized shipyards.

Troy-Bilt TB120 159cc 21-inch 3-in-1 high wheel push

lw1-5 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This is a good example of a three-function lawn mower that has a medium-sized motor and does the job as expected. Use the features and see what it can do in your own garden.

Earthwise 50518 18 inch cable lawn mower

lw1-6 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

Earthwise 505 is a small electric lawnmower with an 18-inch cutting deck, but can also be purchased with a 20-inch cutting deck. The deck is made of steel and can be very useful for your garden.

Black & Decker MM2000 13-amp cable mower, 20 inches

lw1-1-1 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This 3-in-1 electric cable mower has a 13-amp motor and a 20-inch cutting deck that does an excellent job in all the jobs you want to use it for.

Cordless lawn mowers

We have to choose these mowers based on comparisons of gas and electric options. Let’s see what we can find and what their special features are.

Sun Joe Mow Joe 14 inch 12 amp lawn mower

lw1-7 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

If you sure have a small garden, you want one that does the job. The Sun Joe Mow is equipped with a 12 amp electric motor and is ideal for small jobs. It has a fairly small deck, but is still powerful.

EGO 21 cordless lawn mower

lw1-8 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This wireless little lawnmower has three grass disposal methods that you can use. IT can be ideal for yards that always have a new design, and this means that you can play around with the options available.

Give it a try and see for yourself how cool it is and what you can do with it in your home.

Greenworks 25302 cordless lawn mower

lw1-9 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This model uses strong batteries that offer a long service life. It is ideal for medium-sized areas and because of its strong battery, you also get a powerful motor that makes work easier. Forget about gas, cables or maintenance and use them.

Honda variable speed 3-in-1 gas mower on Amazon

lw1-10 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

Gas powered lawnmowers should be more powerful than electric ones, but they also require more maintenance. If you want a powerful model, this model is a good choice because it offers a lot of performance, especially for larger areas. Check out more details and decide if it can do the work you need.

CRAFTSMAN V60 3-in-1 cordless lawn mower for mulching

lw1-11 Small lawnmower options that you can buy online

This is a small lawnmower that works great in your garden and helps you with the lawn. It is made of good materials and you should expect good results in the long run.

Final thought when buying a small lawnmower

In summary, choosing a small lawnmower can be the best choice, especially if you have a small or medium-sized garden. As you can see, there are many models that can do this. So find the best little lawn mower for you.

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