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Tips for setting up a building lobby

The design of your building’s lobby, be it a hotel, an office or an apartment, is essential to make guests feel welcome.

The lobby is the first impression your house gives. A badly designed one can spoil your image, while an elegant and professional-looking lobby can make you extremely attractive.

The design of a lobby has several aspects, all of which must be taken into account. This ranges from the design of the floors and walls to the selection Furniture for boutiques and lobbies.

If you have no eye for style, you may find it difficult to design a fashionable lobby. Fortunately, here are some simple tips to help you make some stylish choices for your lobby!

Decide on a topic

You should start with Deciding on a central topic for your lobby.

This is one of the most important design phases as it shows how everything works together. If you don’t have a theme, you can arbitrarily choose furniture that looks good individually, but doesn’t work well when paired together.

You have various options for topics. Whatever you choose should match the personality and attitude of your entire building.

For example, if you have a newer building with mostly modern furniture and minimalist design, you don’t want to add old school flair to the mix. You should keep your lobby similar to the rest of your building.

The reason for this is that it serves as an appetizer for what you can expect from your building. The furniture that someone sees in your lobby gives them an idea of ​​what your room or goods will offer.

Once you’ve set a good theme, you can choose certain decorations to match. This greatly facilitates great design and gives you the motivation to do it.

Highlight functionality

When choosing decorations and furniture for your lobby, you should point this out Emphasize functionality about everything else.

While you want to make sure your lobby is inviting and comfortable, your guests won’t be spending most of their time here. In addition, you don’t necessarily have to want Your lobby should be an area where people hang around.

With that in mind, you should look for furniture that is more functional than cozy or attractive. That doesn’t mean you tilt find functional furniture that are comfortable and stylish, but these should simply not be your priority.

A good way to understand the difference is to think about the seating options that you may offer. A beautiful couch is certainly inviting and relaxing, but also invites you to linger.

On the other hand, you could use benches instead. This is a significant difference, as people can still sit when needed, but don’t take up much space and don’t encourage anyone to stay with them.

When you focus on functional furniture, you create an effective lobby that does its job perfectly.

Add character

While functionality should be the focus, don’t neglect it Add characters also to your lobby. This is important because it differentiates your lobby from others who work in the same industry.

To understand this, just think of the difference between an average and a luxury hotel. Average hotels will be fairly simple and uninteresting, while a luxury hotel does character it does it differently than any other.

Are you thinking of these two different hotels that you will no longer notice? Which one would you like to visit more? It is certainly the luxury hotel and that is because it makes you feeling Well.

Apply this to your lobby and it will have a similar effect. You want your guests notice Your building and how it looked and made you feel.

To achieve this, you should add Your Flair to the mix. They are best suited to decorate with character close to home, because you know that best. The character you add should fit your theme and make your lobby unique.

Focus on floors and walls

You should also pay close attention to this the floors and walls of your lobby.

While your floor is what guests will be walking on, they will surely notice and how you design it makes a difference. When they come in and see relatively plain or ugly carpets or floors, they don’t feel positive.

A good choice of materials is the use of tiles. This is particularly useful because you can use your tile color to create interesting designs.

It is also easier to add carpets to your lobby. High quality carpets that do not slip are an essential part of every design. They make it safe and convenient for guests to walk and tie all the furniture together.

How you display your walls is also important. Your two main options here are painting or applying wallpaper.

In general, painting is a much better choice for maintenance and it usually looks better too. Try to choose colors that are fairly neutral or emphasize the rest of the furniture in your lobby.

Though they may not be the first thing guests see, your walls and floors will be noticed at some point and this must be borne in mind!

Use suitable furniture

One final piece of advice is to make sure you use it appropriate Furniture.

In the example above, we talked about how benches are a superior option for seating because they emphasize functionality. This means that you should never include anything like a Couch unless you intentionally want guests to fall asleep in one.

Beyond sitting, you should make sure that all other furniture in your lobby makes sense. A small coffee table may be useful, but a bulky dining table may not.

Think carefully about which guests should do in your lobby. Take this information and choose furniture that makes it more natural. Avoid buying items that affect this or lead to a different result.

Close thoughts

Thinking about how you want to design your building’s lobby can be stressful. However, taking the time to create a great design will have a huge impact on how guests feel about your building.

Some tips you can use are choosing a central theme, emphasizing functionality when choosing your decoration, adding character, focusing on the floor and walls of your lobby, and using suitable furniture.

After planning a great lobby layout, all you have to do is implement it! You don’t have a lot of options to design your lobby. So you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Remember that your lobby speaks volumes about the rest of your building and business. Create a lasting impression and you will appreciate how powerful a great lobby can be!