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Making your home more comfortable with an all in one bathroom

Bathrooms take up a lot of room in an apartment and making them practical in a home and caring for the space at the same time has been bothering the home dwellers since a long time. With all in one bathroom the issue seems to have been solved smartly as these bathrooms save space and offer you comfortable bathing opportunity. They contain a shower or tub or may be both in one washroom and you can use any option that you prefer.  There is a toilet and sink as well made practical and space saving, too. With folding glass doors the interior is kept spacious and looking classy all the times.

There are fold-out wall-mounted bathrooms as well which are more compact. With three panels including a sink, a tub and a toilet, they need minimum fixture. You can imagine the functionality of these bathrooms from the fact that some of them have built around water recycling and purifying unit. You have the comfort of using water with your ease as the used water is recycled for your washroom needs. Stepping ahead shoulder by shoulder with the time and its requirements, the all in one bathroom seems to be the future of homes.

The utility features of all in one bathroom differ and you can choose one for your apartment that looks perfect for your needs and lifestyle.  Some of these bathrooms have more flexible options. You can use the tub as a tub when you are longing to relax in warm water for some time and take a detailed bath. Other times when you are in hurry and need to take a shower quick, you can let your bath tub stand and use it as a shower. The water that is drained is recycled and stored for flushing the toilet.

There are modular that take a step ahead of these commonly featured bathrooms. These come with luxury applications and are ideal for couples. The shower is built for two including a steam bath and a dry sauna. The setup is highly classy and suits the apartment of a newlywed couple. The cubicle is glass enclosed and contains LED lighting that creates added luxury and bright effects.

There are modules that are perfect for single person living in a studio where privacy is not a main issue. All the three utilities that are sink, toilet and shower are fixed on the wall of your apartment. These can be pushed back in the wall after use to keep the place spacious. Easy to clean and practical to use the all in one bathroom idea is getting popular fast. It is the best solution for saving space and with the water recycling facility they are going to be a great help in going green!