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Ideas of stylish pink bedrooms for girls

Pink color is the symbol of prettiness and is considered as a specific color for the girls. There are various styles in the interior décor of a pink bedroom for girls. From furniture to the walls colors the pink bedroom can be decorated completely with pink tone. Here are some great ideas to decorate a pink bedroom and these are as under,


To give a perfect pink impression select an attractive pink shaded wall paper to give the room a cool effect. The wall papers are available in floral prints as well as abstract one. For young baby girls cartoon character sketched wall papers in pink can be used on the walls of bedroom.


The bed sheets for a girl’s bedroom should be bought with pink color shade. Bed side cushions will add more to the cool effect of the pink bedroom if these are in pink shade.


The girl’s bedroom furniture should be selected with much care. It is suggested that if the walls of the bedroom are in white color then the color theme of the furniture should be pink. Moreover, the bed head and side stools look very pretty with a baby pink color. This pink colored furniture will transform the baby girl’s bedroom softly.

For a more decoration flexibility it is suggested that the walls of the room should be kept in white color as adding a pink theme will turn the pink bed room look more awesome. The central rug with pink shade will enhance the beauty of the girl’s bedroom.