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Hot to get perfect landscaping lighting design

Landscaping lighting design is becoming very popular especially in the countryside home and bungalows so as to make these houses look more lively and appealing. Gardens, yards, and welcome areas are generally decorated in lights so as to help homeowners better safe, security and accessibility, especially during night times.landscaping lighting design  61

There are various types of landscape lights designs available these days and also with so many tutorial videos streaming on the internet, it has become very easy to set up the decoration. Lighting mainly the garden, yards, and landscape may take not more than 2 weekends.

Below are some of the landscape light designs that may be useful:landscaping lighting design  89

  1. Putting up lights upward-facing bullet about a foot from the foundation helps in attracting the house’s architectural elements. They are particularly designed to porch columns, dormers, and deep eaves.
  2. Light the trees to make it stand out which are smaller in height up to 20 feet tall. Only a 20 watt up lights will do the magic
  3. Landscape lights need not be used only in the front of the house. If the homeowners have swings in their backyard it can be surrounded well with down lights and upward pointing well lights around the tree branches. This will invite the guests and families to come out and enjoy the swing area as welllandscaping lighting design  87
  4. Glowing garden is also one of the popular design to illuminate the bed, garden fixtures, and taller plants
  5. Sitting area of patio furniture may need extra illumination, especially for a mood-setting glow. Barbecue counter and dining area can be given a soft glow to enjoy a relaxing dinner or party with family and friends

Decorating the landscape with lights is very much easy and less expensive. LED lights can also be used to add to an effect however it may be expensive as compared to the regular lights.