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Benefits of installing slam lock gates for peace of mind

Being able to build your own house instead of renting one is an impressive lifetime achievement. You’ve probably spent countless hours thinking about the layout and making sure every nook is done to your liking.

A crucial aspect to consider is the security of your home. Not only do you want to protect the house itself, but also the well-being of your family. Choosing the right door type can ensure that you can sleep well at night knowing that everyone in your home is kept away from danger. In addition to this, it also has a significant impact on the value of your home.

Here are the benefits of installing slam lock gates in your home:

  1. Robust protection

Slam lock gates are more robust than your door and more difficult to break in than metal gates with a padlock. It is made of high quality aluminum that is lightweight but can withstand strong impacts to instantly make your home burglarproof and keep your family safe from intruders with malicious intent. It is also rust-resistant, so the attachment is guaranteed to last a long time if properly maintained.

There are two main types of slam lock gates:

  • Retractable – This is equipped with a patented locking system with which you can easily open and close the attachment. It’s ideal for doors, passageways, and other access points that you sometimes need to keep handy for entry.
  • Firmly – On the other hand, fixed slam-lock gates are normal fixings that you should install for your windows, glass walls, stairs and other openings in your home.
  1. Quick locking system

Another major advantage of Slam Lock Gates is the quick lock system, which is useful in emergencies. While it is not a pleasant thought to think about, you should always be ready for dangerous situations like a break-in.

If you find yourself in such a situation, these attachments can protect you by sliding the security door right into the locking system and running away to hide from your attacker. Time is of the essence when faced with a life and death situation. The precious seconds saved from having to put a key in the lock, turn it, and remove it can mean the difference between catching it or keeping it safe and the time it takes to contact the authorities.

  1. Maintain ventilation

This type of gate is made of vertical aluminum bars with small gaps in between to allow air to enter your home without compromising security. The spaces are sized so that you can insert your arm but cannot go in fully.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the breeze outside while you tinker with your car in the garage without having to worry about your safety. Slam Lock Gates offer you the best of both worlds: ventilation and protection.

  1. More control over entry points

When you own your home, you are in control of all aspects. By installing slam lock gates in key areas, you can decide for yourself where people can and cannot enter. This factor is important when you have a large home with multiple entry points. You want to make sure that visitors only enter through your allowed passages and that intruders are kept out.

This benefit is useful if you are going on a long vacation and hire someone to feed your pets or clean your home while you are away. You can leave one passage unlocked while all the others are closed until you arrive. Also install an alarm system to protect your home.

  1. Build safe spaces

You can use Slam Lock Gates for a variety of applications. Aside from adding a protective layer for your doors, windows and others Entry points You can also use it to create safe rooms in your home.

As you may have learned from the movies, a panic room with a strong defense or barrier is beneficial for times when the burglar is already in your home. It can become a safe place for you and your family while you wait for the police to arrive.


Slam lock gates serve as a layer of defense against criminals and intruders. These attachments are stronger than normal doors and much more difficult to break in than metal gates with a padlock. The keyless quick locking system is useful in emergencies, e.g. B. if you run away from an attacker. This will give you more time to go to your safe room and call the police.