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How to choose floor rugs?

The design of any room is incomplete without proper floor rugs. These should be included within the budget while designing a room or while renovating. Choosing floor rugs requires one to consider certain parameters such as materials, styles and size. For dining rooms, you should always consider the size of the dining table and make sure you add additional 6 feet to it.

This will cover up the dining chairs on the rug as well when pulled. The same rule is applicable to the living rooms as well. You need to consider the size of your furniture and add additional length to make sure that all the legs of the furniture are on the floor rug. In bedrooms, most of the floor rug is covered under the bed. Leaving additional 3 to 4 feet of rug will have the carpet exposed on the sides.

While picking the patterns, you don’t have to deal with math. In dining rooms where there are wooden chairs and tables, patterns make things quite interesting. While picking bedroom rugs, make sure that you pick one that feels good bare foot. For living room, picking a floor rug is all about striking a balance. Choose a rug that has a solid color or a subtle pattern.

When it comes to the material, go for a rug that is made of 100% wool as it is easy to maintain and clean. Viscose and silk add a shimmery charm to the room. These aren’t appropriate if you have kids or pets at home.