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Top design features that every homebuyer wants

It is expensive to redecorate a property. Today’s buyers therefore prefer ready-to-move properties. But that means the design has to be right.

After all, the tastes vary from person to person. Sure, you like neutral colors, but your neighbor prefers light colors. Don’t let this confuse you.

In addition, if you are looking for Tips on How to Sell Your Home and want to find out what the top design trends are right now, then read on.

Open living

Goodbye separate rooms – this traditional division of living is being abandoned in favor of something more flexible. A change in lifestyle means that more people work from home these days, but also value spending time with friends and family. From the eat-in kitchen to the home office, open living creates a more sociable and homely environment.

Before you start tearing down the walls, consider how the “room” will work. For example, don’t forget to provide storage space, stage furniture to create zones (e.g. youth zone, quiet zone or room for adults), and think about lighting and color to define the role of each area.

Modern rustic kitchen

For most home buyers, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Current design trends prefer a minimal industrial approach. So make sure the kitchen is clear and the appliances are not visible. But it doesn’t all have to be monochrome, you can also channel a small 18th-century farmhouse. Add rustic accents by using natural products like wood and stone, clay tiles, and earth tones to achieve that weathered look.

Let there be light

It is important to let as much natural light as possible into your home. Poor lighting can quickly destroy a room’s attractiveness, making it feel small and dirty, making it unattractive to potential buyers. When natural light is scarce (your windows may be misaligned), invest in the right lighting.

As buyers become more environmentally conscious, LEDs are becoming increasingly popular. You can also add fun features like colored lights in the shower and voice-operated switches so that your shoppers have full control over the setting of the property.

A cool color palette

Drop the magnolia. Avoid cream colors even if you are preparing your home for sale and want to keep it neutral. Use earth tones or pastel tones instead and don’t be afraid to add a pop of color (in moderation), either paint a wall a darker shade or install a brightly colored closet door or other small piece of furniture.

Environmentally friendly

Today’s home buyers not only want stylish design, they also appreciate the environment. First of all, make sure you have good energy efficiency. This will not only help reduce the house’s carbon footprint, but also reduce energy costs while keeping it warm and cozy.

Here are a few more ideas

  • Use organic paint.
  • Opt for natural or recycled materials for floors and furniture instead of plastic. For example, bamboo makes excellent wall cladding due to its low weight.
  • Don’t be afraid to use stone and glass too.
  • Add fresh plants to decorate your home.

Do it smart

Buyers these days are tech savvy, which means they expect smart features from their home.

Here is a quick checklist:

  • How fast is your internet connection?
  • Is your home networked?
  • Are your devices integrated and managed centrally in one place?
  • Are your entertainment systems connected?
  • Is there a clear cellular signal?