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Why is wood floor better?

It can be exciting to decide how to create a room. Regardless of whether you just bought a new house and want to tear out the old floor or update your current house, using wooden floors has several advantages over other options like carpeting and carpeting tile.

Goes with any brand or style

Whether you’re designing for a home or business, your floors usually make a first impression and tell a little about your space. Hardwood floors fit almost every brand due to their neutrality. Real estate agents, designers and everyday people can testify to that Power of a beautiful parquet floor.

Deep cherry and mahogany wood floors have a certain elegance that gives a sense of formality and elegance. This is a very different reaction than seeing the wood in a bowling alley or a cozy cafe. Floors are more than a clear route from one destination to another. With so many different wood colors, plank sizes, shapes (rectangular or square) and finishes, you have many options to choose from to ultimately create the mood and feel you want.

Because wood has a classic look, you know that it won’t go out of style and will continue to look great no matter what’s trending. For example, one day your newborn doesn’t want their room to be light blue and you will have to repaint the entire room. But wood can stand the test of time and change as families grow and businesses or common spaces change. You can swap the furniture, curtains, or other design choices in the room, and they will likely match the wooden floor. If not, you can’t remove the floor but refinish it to give it a fresh look.

Resistant to stains and scratches

High heels, pets with sharp claws or nails, and children can all endanger the longevity of your floor. Children drop things, spill colored juices, glue or paint, or other craft supplies, and run on the floor (even if you tell them not to go inside). Animals can scratch and tear carpets to pieces or leave uncomfortable, difficult-to-clean stains.

Carpeting is much more likely to contain odors and allergens, which can cause some homes to smell very strong. However, hardwood floors are easy to clean even with the worst of dirt. And in really bad cases, such as animals that settle on the floor, you can use most disinfectant products to clear up the mess without damaging the floor. That way, you can be sure that you can keep a soil germ-free and keep your family and customers healthy without worrying that it will affect the quality of the process.

Easy to maintain

Hardwood floors can be reworked several times. This includes regrinding and staining and is an excellent solution for scratches or small dents caused by particularly hard impacts. Since floors can be reworked several times, they can last for several years. Some houses have driven on their original wooden floors for decades.

Once you have decided to use it parquet It’s time to call the professionals for a quote and look at several wood samples and designs to create a space you love.