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6 ways to upgrade home accessories and furniture

In today’s environmental crisis and climate change, upcycling is one of the smartest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Knowing how to use tools like a nail and a saw is valuable if you are interested in upcycling. In fact, there are many simple DIY projects that even beginners can do. You will be amazed at how little changes, colors and great imagination can do.

Remodeling old home accessories and furniture can be a lucrative pastime for you. If you like to tinker yourself and are always looking for upcycling things, you can also open an online shop and Sell ​​your creations There. It’s a great additional source of income, and frankly, anyone can use one or two side appearances.

Here are some creative ways you can upcycle your old stuff and give it a new life.

Glass lanterns

Often one of the easiest and simplest home improvement jobs is old mason jars. If you have a couple or more glasses that you no longer use, you can turn them into other things, including an outdoor glass lantern.

If you ever feel like your patio or garden lighting needs a little more, strategically placed mason jar lanterns might be just the thing you didn’t know you needed.

You can use decorative pebbles to put something inside or to diffuse the light and hang it up with a wire to make it a little more stable. You can use real candles, LED lights or fairy lights to illuminate your outdoor area.

Chic natural mirror

Statement pieces are known to be brave and can improve the look of a room. You can easily transform everyday objects like mirrors into something larger and use what nature has already provided. Make a starburst mirror with branches, glue and some paint.

Depending on your aesthetics, you can leave the branches as they are for this rustic look. You can smooth out the branches a bit and paint them in the same color as the mirror frame to make the appearance more coherent. You can also use wooden dowels if you already have them. The point is upcycling and not buying when you create something.

Decorative vintage teacup candles

Do you have fine tea cup sets that you no longer use because they are either not part of a matching set or are worn by clothing? You can give them a second purpose by turning them into candles.

The great thing is that there are two DIY projects in one: upcycling and candle making. You can use teacups bought in thrift stores and the end products can be given as a gift.

They also make inexpensive table decorations for indoors and outdoors. Making one is pretty easy and Here You will see a step-by-step guide. By making the candles from scratch, you can personalize them with your favorite scent too!

Old newspapers, papers and cards as wrappers

Do you have a gift to wrap but no gift bag or wrapping paper in sight? Old newspapers, papers and cards can work if necessary. Objects wrapped in vintage papers look aesthetically pleasing, and you will also extend their lifespan. Aside from gifts, these old supplies can be used to wrap cardboard boxes, notebooks, journals, and more.

Reclaimed wooden shelf

If you have broken furniture, use the widest part as a shelf. There are many ways to build a shelf. You can hang it for decorative reasons, put it on a wall for storing books and jewelry or as a Bathtub tray.

Be sure to smooth the edges of the wood. You can also stain the wood or repaint it as you wish.

Interesting pieces of furniture can be wall art

Depending on what you have, you can turn old furniture and decorations into any wall art you want. For example, your accidental collection of vintage spoons can be framed and displayed in the kitchen or dining room. A vintage bicycle can be embellished as a statement art, repainted and hung on a white wall. It all depends on your imagination so be creative.