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Indoor and Outdoor Rugs in the Design

A rug is not just a piece of fabric. It may have many functions. Firstly, it places an emphasis on the design features. Secondly, it creates the feeling of warmth. And thirdly, it protects the floor from mud and damage. There are different types of rugs. We’ll start with the indoor and outdoor ones.

Outdoor rugs can make your patio or porch look cozier and more comfortable. Besides, they will protect the house from the dirt brought by paws and feet. There are many materials for outdoor rugs: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, etc. Polypropylene is considered to be the most popular, as it doesn’t absorb liquids and stains. The stains, mildew, or mold can be easily washed off with a hose.

Indoor and outdoor rugs are manufactured in different ways: handmade, braided, and machine-made. Handmade rugs are the most expensive. However, they look awesome, filling every space with the sense of personality and creativity. Machine-made rugs are less expensive. They come up in different colors and designs, providing everyone with the possibility to buy one. Braided rugs are similar to them. They are also commonly used.

When choosing the rug, think about the colors and designs. The dark rug will make your space look intimate. The rug in light colors will make every area look bigger. Consult the designer or read design posts to find out more about where to put your rug and how to use it effectively in the design. A rug is a decorative element that will both protect your house from mud and improve the design.