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Indoor and Outdoor Rugs in the Design

Summit Indoor/Outdoor Rug | west elm

A rug is not just a piece of fabric. It may have many functions. Firstly, it places an emphasis on the design features. Secondly, it creates the feeling of warmth. And thirdly, it protects the floor from mud and damage. There are different types of rugs. We’ll start with the …

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Things to know about Rag Rugs

Rag rug | Etsy

The rag rugs are used in the homes to cover up specific portion of the floor. These are mostly placed near the bathroom doors, kitchen doors, and main doors. These are primarily made of woollen cloth or some similar kind of fabric. These are sometimes made of cotton too. The …

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How to care for Bathroom Rugs

Bath Rugs & Bath Mats | Find Great Bath & Towels Deals Shopping at

Bathroom rugs are more about safety than design. Like cell phone covers. They protect your phone from looking scratched and beaten (and gives it an artistic touch). Wet feet and floors (or vice versa) don’t combine well. It can have dire consequences for you or your loved ones. However, you …

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Why Should You Look At Round Rugs?

Round Rugs You'll Love | Wayfair

What Are Round Rugs? Round rugs are circular carpets designed to be placed anywhere within a home. They can be created in a number of different styles or colours, and you can choose one that is to your taste. Where Are Round Rugs Used? Round rugs don’t have a set …

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Safavieh rugs buying tips

Safavieh Rugs You'll Love | Wayfair

Rugs have continued to be popular figures of every home. In particular, they are among the most notable furniture accessories that are available on the market today. But, numerous rugs are available on the market. The variations can be based on a number of features or attributes including colour, style, …

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An overview of white carpet

Cozy Plush Rug - White | west elm

There are a lot of different choices when you want to buy a carpet for your living room. Different types of carpets are available in different textures as well as different colors. White is a pretty elegant color so having a white carpet can greatly enhance the overall appeal of …

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Rag rugs: long lasting and lovely

Rag rug | Etsy

Rugs are used for many purposes in various houses. People like to have a beautiful rug in their house. They look very nice. Their typical body makes them very interesting. A house looks incomplete without a wonderful rug spread on the ground. Rag rugs are one of the most used …

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