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How can you keep carpet stair treads from moving around?

Carpet stair treads refer to the strips of carpets that have been designed to occupy space on individual steps of a staircase. These offer traction for the people going down or up the stairs thereby minimizing the risk of falling and slipping. These also protect the surface of the stairs from any sort of damage. Carpet stair treads can be used on laminates or hardwoods much effectively. To ensure that these don’t fall and cause trouble, these can be fastened with the use of carpet tacks or adhesives.

The stairs need to be vacuumed thoroughly. Mopping of laminate or hardwood steps can be done with a microfiber or terrycloth mop. If the stairs are dirty, these can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then wiped dry. Double sided tapes can be cut and placed on the edge of the stair tread. Press these to make sure the carpet sticks to the stair. Repeat the same procedure with remaining stairs to ensure that the carpet remains intact.

Instead of carpet tape, carpet tacks can be used on laminate or hardwood stairs. However, there is a problem with tacks. These leave small holes in the floors wherever these are used. Placement of non-skid pads is recommended by many manufacturers for additional traction. If you intend to do so, then you can consider fastening the pads with a carpet tape to the treads. The other side of the pad needs to be fastened to the stairs. This will bring down the risk of slipping or falling.